We have said it before, but the power supply is the core of your computer and more important than anything else. Change anything else to improve your experience, change available options, or alter features, but it all means nothing if the computer does not turn on in the first place. Never compromise on your PSU. Cooler Master takes this to heart with the V1200 80+ Platinum.

This is simply one of the most powerful PSUs you can buy with an 80+ Platinum rating. It’s constructed with 100% Japanese Caps, massive 42 mm transformers, and an all digital PSU, keeping the output voltage within 1% of their rated levels. That guarantees any system failure will not be the result of voltage drops, ripples, or lack of power. Still not convinced? You will be happy to know Cooler Master backs the V1200 up with a 7 year warranty too.

If you need 4-way SLI/Crossfire or run a large number of components, the Cooler Master V1200 80+ Platinum unit is on your short list of choices to power it. They are available right now at Cooler Master’s online store for $299.99 but are being shipped to retailers as we speak. Just remember that 5+ years from now, your $300 CPU will be worth $30 and the V1200 will still be delivering clean power to your system.

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Cooler Master V1200

A Platinum Powerhouse

June 13th —Cooler Master, a leading creator, innovator, and manufacturer of desktop components and peripherals as well as mobile accessories today announced the V1200 80 PLUS Platinum Power Supply.

Superior Performance & Stability

Built upon the strong and stable V Series PSU platform, V1200 takes the series’ performance to new heights with 80 PLUS Platinum certified efficiency (up to 93% at 50% load). V1200 boasts excellent output voltage stability with total voltage regulation consistently kept within ±1%, outperforming many comparable Digital PSUs. 12 PCI-e 6+2 Pin connectors provide out of the box support for 4-way SLI/CrossFire. A single, powerful +12V rail channels the full power of V Series PSUs, exhibiting outstanding voltage stability, ripple suppression, and efficiency.

Highest grade components were carefully chosen for the V Series. This includes 100% Japanese Capacitors, a Custom PCB Interface, and high quality 42 mm Transformers.

Quiet & Long-Lasting

Complementing the high quality 135 mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) fan is a new Hybrid Fan Controller that allows you to quickly toggle between an always-on fan mode or zero dBA fanless operation when under 30% load. The fan’s bearing type offers superior performance and lower noise levels while far outlasting typical PSU fans. Ultimately, the V1200 is extremely quiet, even when under full load.

Fully Modular Cable System

When considering ease of use and cable management capabilities, fully modular flat ribbon cables are among the best. These cables give users the ability to compress and arrange their cables in clean and compact ways not possible with traditional and individually sleeved cabling. Simply put, V1200 allows clean system builds with the best possible airflow.

Haswell Ready

V1200 is compatible with Intel’s 4th Generation Core desktop processors with C6/C7 Power States, allowing the processors to go from C0 (active) to C7 (Deep Power Down), which helps provide maximum power savings.

Extended Warranty

Rest assured knowing the V1200 is backed by a robust 7-Year Extended Warranty to ensure support for many years after purchase.

Availability & Pricing

V1200 is immediately available through Cooler Master’s CM Store and will be shipping to retailers soon. Please consult your local Cooler Master Representative for more information on pricing and local availability.


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