There have been a number of new PC enclosures shown off this year at Computex 2013, offering both great looks and innovative features. Antec is also looking to breath some new life into their line-up with several new cases being shown off. This includes the super tower Antec Nineteen Hundred, mid-tower P100, mid-tower NSK4100, and ISK600 mini-ITX case.

The most recent version of the Hundred series is one of the tallest cases Antec has ever made. The black tower with green accents is ready for anything you have with room for up to a 13 inch GPU, 9 expansion slots, four USB 3.0 front panel ports, 13 internal drive bays, three 5.25″ ODD bays, and plenty of room for liquid cooling. The exterior styling is also dramatically different than anything that Antec has put forth in quite some time.


The P100 is a mid-tower sized case with Antec Quiet Computing technologies built in. The case is modeled after the Performance One series with steel construction and the sound dampened side panels. The tool-less 5.25 bays and tool-less removable HDD cage with four drive slots complements the 7 expansion slots well. Antec promises to price the P100 very competitively when released to ensure its high quality style and construction is not overlooked.


The other mid-tower case in the Antec NSK4100. This case is clearly designed to be a budget case, but does not sacrifice quality with its 0.6 SECC steel construction. The NSK4100 has simple design, indirect front ventilation, 7 expansion slots, room for a 11 inch graphics card, 5.25 ODD slots, six 3.5″ drive bays, and one 2.5″ SSD bay. I expect this case to become Antec new standard in their budget cases going forward and should see a lot of deployment in office environments or as a workstation.


Finally we get a little specialized with the ISK600 mini-ITX case. While also a mainly steel construction as are the other new cases, the ISK600 uses thicker metal at 0.8 mm. Featuring brushed aluminum top and side panels, three 3.5″ drive bays, support for an 11″ graphics card, and 2 expansion slots, it may be small, but it sure packs a punch.

I am glad Antec is adding to their product lines and continuing to focus on versatility. This is definitely a far more impressive range than what was shown off at CES 2013 earlier this year. While there are currently no prices to report, you can expect to see all these cases launching sometime in Q4 2013.

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COMPUTEX 2013: Antec Announce Wide Range of New PC Enclosures

New models of Antec’s popular Performance line, new Gaming tower, Mini-ITX and ATX cases to be shown in Taipei

June 7, 2013 – Antec, a global leader in high-performance computer enclosures, power supplies, and mobile accessories today announced new PC enclosures. Enthusiasts of Quiet Computing and sleek designs can look forward to the P100, the latest member of the Performance series, while Gamer will be pleased with the new super tower Nineteen Hundred. In addition to the Nineteen Hundred, the ISK600 will be added to Antec’s award winning line of Mini-ITX cases. Finally, system integrators will be introduced to the new NSK4100 chassis. All new models will be unveiled at COMPUTEX Taipei, taking place from 4 – 8 June. Antec’s booth is located in Nangang Exhibition Hall F1, Booth I0618.

Nineteen Hundred

The Nineteen Hundred is engineered for performance and built to enclose the ultimate PC. The Nineteen Hundred is an unbeatable enclosure that delivers a combination of cooling, performance, and convenience and stands head and shoulders above the competition. With 9 expansion slots, the Nineteen Hundred features an advanced cooling system for graphics cards up to 330 mm (13.0 inches) in length. Dual-layer construction minimizes noise while pre-installed silicone grommets limit vibrations. Finally, the Nineteen Hundred is constructed of durable SECC steel that lasts for builds to come. Along with pioneering design and solid construction the Nineteen Hundred is the last word in ultimate PC builds.


The P100 is an ATX case that epitomizes cool, quiet, and sophistication. It features Antec’s award winning Performance One series design and Quiet Computing™ technologies that minimize system noise. In addition to 7 expansion slots, the P100 also supports 3 tool-less 5.25” drives and 4 tool-less 3.5”/ 2.5” drives. With a great price to feature ratio the P100 is the only economical case that delivers silence. A balance of price and feature is achieved by integrating Antec design with superior build quality. Engineered with Quiet Computing™ Technology, the P100 is truly in a class all its own.


The ISK600 is the newest addition to Antec’s line of mini-ITX cases. It is a versatile enclosure that matches any CEO’s desk, designer’s office, or family living room. It is designed exclusively for Mini-ITX motherboards and barely takes up desk space at 260 mm (10.2 inches) by 332 mm (13.1 inches). In addition to continuing Antec’s tradition of solid construction by using 0.8 mm SECC steel, the ISK600 features elegantly designed brushed aluminum top and side panels. It will last for builds to come with space for 11” graphics cards, 2 expansion slots, and three drive bays.


With the new NSK4100, Antec addresses system integrators who are looking for a full featured case with solid build quality. The NSK4100 was designed to complement any environment with its black matte exterior and sleek front bezel with indirect intake vents. In addition to its striking appearance, the NSK 4100 is constructed of 0.6 SECC steel and provides a great price to feature ratio. The NSK4100 case supports Standard ATX, Micro ATX and mini ITX motherboards and has ample space for 11” graphics cards. It is capable of supporting liquid CPU cooling, three 5.25” drives, six 3.5” HDDs, and one 2.5” SSD. It contains two fan mounts and has room for seven expansion slots. Finally, the front I/O ports include two USB 3.0s and Audio In/Out ports.

All products will be available in Q4 2013.


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