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UNLV Cheerleaders Make Me Happy

You could almost smell the geekiness in the air. After all, all the participants are very well ensconced in the computer industry, so they know their way around GPUs, RAM, HDDs, and all sorts of other acronyms. To help balance out the testosterone level, the TigerDirect Build Your Own PC Race organizers solicited the services of the UNLV cheerleaders. Check out the video and experience a welcome distraction of your own…

Donning skimpy red tops and tight black pants, the team of cheerleaders came out to provide for quite the jovial mood. They were certainly better eye candy than all the sweaty geeks who were about to screw some computers together. The girls even put together a special cheer just for this year’s event!

The Participants

There were 30 racers in all, representing all medium of media, from print to online to TV. Returning for his second year of competition, FutureLooks’ own Stephen Fung was among the competitors along with fellow Canadian’s, John Chow from The TechZone, Geoff Gasior from The Tech Report and Sean Carruthers from The Lab With Leo. Heavy hitters like Will Smith from MaximumPC and Steve Bass from PC World were also on hand to take a crack at the big prize.

For a full list of the 2008 TigerDirect Charity PC Race participants, click here. It was truly a geeky star studded field.

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