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BitFenix Fury 750G – On The Test Bench

BitFenix Fury 750G Power Supply Review 23

Voltages are well within spec under load, but components in the power supply aren’t going to break down under this short a test due to lack of voltage or too much voltage. The current is respectively steady which is important for stability. Efficiency results are indeed 80Plus Gold. The BitFenix Fury does well in this area which is what keeps them classified as an excellent green power supply.

As for noise, the unit gets moderately noisy at 50% load and quite noisy at 100% load. At that point, the fan was spinning at max RPM. Thankfully, the BitFenix Neos enclosure blocks about 8 or 9dB of system noise. The reasons for the noise is most likely due to the heat being generated by the MOSFETS mentioned earlier, being attached to a small heatsink. Or perhaps an over zealous sensor could be misfiring as the unit doesn’t really top 50C. The easiest fix would be to replace the heatsinks with something much larger for better heat dissipation. That would of course void your warranty.

BitFenix Neos – Final Thoughts

BitFenix Neos Enclosure Review 3

Affordable computer enclosures that look good, have useful features like tooless drive bays, vents, and a price tag that is very easy to stomach seem few and far between. At a price of around $49.99 – 59.99 US, there are few other cases that we’ve come across, that had the style and features of the BitFenix Neos. You get just the right standard features with a little creativity given to the hard drive bays which is a nice touch. If BitFenix includes the optional 120mm fan in the future and uses a better optical drive retention mechanism, the Neos would be stellar for its price.

But despite its shortcomings, it still represents a decent value overall. And let’s not forget its range of colors including windowed editions at the top of the price range, making it possible to have a system exactly the way you want it. Even at a lower price point.


  • Attractive high quality front bezel
  • Clean contemporary design
  • Solid build quality
  • Available in a range of colors with a windowed option
  • Functional Tool-less bays and big CPU cut out


  • Optical Bay (5.25″) tool-less clip clumsy and weak
  • No front 120mm fan in the box

Overall Rating: 8.5 / 10.0

BitFenix Fury 750G – Final Thoughts

BitFenix Fury 750G Power Supply Review 18

The BitFenix Fury 750G more than meets regulated voltage requirements and exceeds its specified efficiency rating. In fact, it met 80Plus Platinum requirements at 50% load which tells us that with just a couple of component tweaks, the unit would probably meet the rating with flying colors. Unfortunately, the unit does get louder than expected should you need 75% to 100% of the unit’s rated 750 watt power output. If you do require max output, you’ll have another 75 hidden watts so you know the unit won’t fail you, but we’d advise against going there for the long haul.

We really appreciated BitFenix’s persistence in getting their Fury series up to spec to support Intel’s latest chipsets and platforms. Granted, most users wouldn’t have given it a second thought, but when it comes to system integrators and extreme enthusiasts, we like to see all the certified ducks in a row. It makes the BitFenix Fury series an extremely safe buy in this respect.

That said, the BitFenix Fury power supply series is easily one of the most attractively themed units available today. Several units come close but the chassis design on the BitFenix sets it apart. Plus, the unit sports individually braided cables, which is something not yet offered as a feature by many other manufacturers. That Nano-braided look is great, and makes builds of every price point, a more custom look.

Because of all the touches BitFenix has given to the Fury series, the 750G will set you back $179.99 US, making it one of the more expensive units around. However, the performance is there to back up the aesthetics, especially in a 100% BitFenix build and it really does perform. But we do feel that better value could still be found elsewhere.


  • Superb design and theme
  • Exceeds 80Plus Gold efficiency standard
  • A 750 Watt unit with a 820 Watt heart
  • High quality individually braided cabling
  • Ready for Intel’s latest processors and platforms


  • Substantial price premium for that custom look
  • Cooling fan gets quite loud at 75% or higher loads

Overall Rating: 9.0 / 10.0

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