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NZXT Tempest Midtower ATX Case Review

NZXT has come a long way in a short time. They started simply, with a flashy entrance into the case market in the form of the Guardian. Now they have a full stable of wonderfully designed cases, and aren't show... Continued
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VIZO Propeller II System Cooler Review

Our modding forefathers used slot fans as a supplemental cooling solution to further enhance the cooling capabilities of their boring beige boxes. In additional to the many fan holes cut by a Dremel, the slot... Continued

ASUS Xonar D2X PCI-E Sound Card Review

Like the floppy drive before it, many have claimed the final death knell of the Sound Card is just around the corner. While the floppy drive has mostly disappeared, Sound Cards are still around. Most of the... Continued
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Foxconn 9600GT-512NOC Video Card Review

Sure the NVIDIA 9800 series of video cards are the current crème de la crème of gaming performance, but what if you don't have the scratch to afford such a beast? Well that's where the NVIDIA 9600 series comes ... Continued
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Wolfking Warrior XXtreme Game Pad Review

Gamers will look for any edge they can find to one-up their opponents in competition. Be it a certain graphics setting, or a specialized input peripheral, anything is fair game to eke out that extra split secon... Continued
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Razer Lycosa Gaming Keyboard Review

Razer was one of the progenitors of the boutique gaming peripherals market. Back in the day their mice were the stuff of legends; accurate and responsive to a tee. Now those "mouse guys" aren't just making mice... Continued
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Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse Review

Those who have been around gaming for a while will remember the venerable line of Sidewinder gaming peripherals from Microsoft. This product line started with a well known gamepad, and expanded into joysticks, ... Continued