CONTEST CLOSED – Thanks everyone for entering this! Someone’s going to be enjoying these T-shirts very soon. in the meantime, check out the ROUND FOUR Giveaway!

PAX Prime wouldn’t be PAX Prime without games! In our last draw that’s exactly what we gave away: Deus Ex for the PC!  But now let’s move on to the next phase of our giving away of the free stuff with a special T-shirt edition of our series of give aways.

As many of you know, getting free T-shirts is what many of these conventions and expos are all about. You line up at the booth. You get the free T-shirt that is either too big or too small depending on how you are built. But it’s free and free is good. At PAX Prime 2011, we had work to do as you could see from our exclusive coverage this year. So what we did was pool whatever free T-shirts we got from PAX Prime 2011 and whatever was laying around the office, and have put together a prize pack of SEVEN T-Shirts!

OK. What kind of T-Shirts Are They?

In today’s prize pack of seven T-shirts, you’ll be receiving the following…

  • GIGABYTE Super Overclock Edition T-Shirt (L)
  • LANcouver 2011 T-Shirt (L)
  • iBuyPower T-Shirt (L)
  • T-Shirt (XL)
  • Handleabra’s Uncle Slam – President vs. President T-Shirt (M)
  • NZXT Crafted Gaming Armor T-Shirt (XL)
  • Kingston “I Love HyperX” T-Shirt (XL)
The only T-Shirts that didn’t come directly from PAX Prime 2011 were of course the LANcouver 2011 T-Shirt and the GIGABYTE Super Overclock T-Shirt. LANcouver 2011 took place in Vancouver and is long over and GIGABYTE wasn’t actually there at all. So all in all, we did pretty good making sure that you had a selection of decent looking T-Shirts to get your game on in.

How Do I Enter to Win This New Wardrobe?

For this contest, we’re going to take the heat off Facebook for a bit and have you answer a very important question. What we’d like to know is…

What your top five favourite games of all time are and why?

They can be games from any genre, from any platform, and of course, from any era. We just want to know what types of games our readers like playing so that hopefully, we can use game benchmarks in our reviews that people actually play, and have contests in the future with hot games that you’ll want to win.

Your answer should be posted in the comment area below and this time, we’ll provide two bonus entry options:

BONUS ENTRY #1 – Use the power of Twitter, or Facebook to get the word out about our latest contest (and the fact we’re not done giving away free stuff yet). Put a link to this contest in your message, and put the URL of the post with your answer below. For both Twitter and Facebook, we’ll need the actual post URL so if you want to get that, it’s usually hyperlinked in the time stamp of your post (posted X hours ago spot).

BONUS ENTRY #2 – Directly refer one person to enter the contest from your social network. All they have to do is say “So and So told me about this contest” at the beginning of their contest entry post. We love when people tell others about us so that deserves an entry too.

So in this contest, you have an opportunity to enter up to three times so make sure you take advantage of that. Please note that we are moderating the comments so if you don’t see your entry show up, just give us a chance to approve it.

Who Can Enter?

We’re opening up this contest to anyone in North America. That means US or Canada. Yes, we’ll break the rules and even allow Quebecers to enter. We’ll waive the skill testing question requirement for Canadians if you can get all the steps to right. Yes, you may have your prize shipped to any US or Canadian address if you currently reside outside of North America. There are no minimum number of entries, but the “sweetness” of the remaining prizes depends on how big a deal you can make out of this.

We’ll end the contest at 2:30PM PST tomorrow (Monday, September 5th, 2011) and start another one around the same time until we give away all our free stuff from PAX Prime 2011. And I have to tell you, we have at least two more rounds of free stuff to go so make sure you stick around and tell others!

Got Questions?

If you have questions, please feel free to post them on the corresponding Facebook Page announcement, or send them to our Twitter Account. This keeps all the entries below clean and easy to read. All prize winners from each day of the contest will be announced together after the conclusion of the final day of drawing. Please give us a few days to sort that out after the last contest runs.

Good Luck Everyone!

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