There is a certain expected range of performance when it comes to various storage mediums. But every once in a while though, a company will blur the line between the two like we saw with the LaCie LBD2. This time around, it’s Mushkin, and they’re blurring the line between USB storage and internal storage with the SSD based Ventura Ultra 480 GB USB 3.0 drive.

You may recall Mushkin promising faster storage solutions in a previous post and these are the results. To put it simply, it is a 480 GB USB 3.0 drive with throughput of up to 455 MB/s reads and 445 MB/s writes making it the fastest USB drive on the market to date. This insane speed is thanks to the drive working in UASP mode, running an LSI SandForce SF-2281 controller. The Ventura Ultra 480 GB even manages 39K 4K random IOPS.

We are at a loss as to how we should classify the Ventura Ultra 480 GB. Is it a portable SSD or a USB thumb drive or both? Either way, Mushkin delivers on their promise for faster, more reliable storage in the USB department in spades. More information about the Ventura Ultra 480 GB is posted below in the full press release. Stay tuned for more CES 2014 coverage right here.

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Mushkin Announces the Next Entry to the Ventura Ultra Series

Mushkin expands its Award Winning Ventura Ultra line of USB 3.0 drives with the new Ventura Ultra 480GB USB 3.0 Drive

Jan 07, 2014 – Mushkin Enhanced Mfg., an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance and mission-critical computer products, announces the next entry to the Ventura Ultra series — the world’s fastest USB flash drive lineup. In continuation of the current line of 60GB, 120GB, and 240GB models, Mushkin is unveiling the Ventura Ultra 480GB USB 3.0 SSD at CES 2014.

The latest Ventura Ultra offering retains the ultra-high performance of the lower capacity models while now offering 480GB of storage. The LSI SandForce SF-2281 powered USB SSDs provide best in class throughput of 455 MB/s reads and 445 MB/s writes while providing up to 39K 4K random IOPS. The Ventura Ultra also is capable of operating in UASP mode, which enables SSD performance in the USB flash drive form factor. With its attractive and light-weight aluminum housing, the Ventura Ultra provides outstanding durability and thermal management.

With the original Ventura Ultra first unveiled at CES 2013 with storage capacities of 60 GB, 120 GB, and 240 GB, the USB 3.0 SSDs have since remained sold out at authorized Mushkin resellers.

“When the Ventura Ultra first released, it was very well-received and continues to outperform the competition in the high-end portable storage space. Everyone wants greater performance and capacity for large projects and media. With the success of the original Ventura Ultra, we realized that we needed to innovate to offer even greater capacities while retaining high read and write speeds for data transfer,” said Brian Flood, the Director of Product Development at Mushkin Inc.


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