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I don’t have a desktop computer anymore, relying solely on my trusty notebook for all of my computing needs. In this way, I’m constantly on the lookout for interesting laptop accessories that expand and improve my mobile computing experience. Over at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, I had an opportunity to check out one of the biggest accessory makers in the industry, as well as a couple that aren’t quite as well known just yet. Let’s see what CHOIIX, Targus and new comer ISIS DEI have up their sleeves for laptop owners.

Entering the Bedroom with Curves

People use their notebooks just about everywhere, including the bedroom. When you are busting through some emails or watching YouTube videos in bed, however, you may find that your sheets aren’t exactly the best surface for computing.


The Choiix U cool notebook pad is designed specifically for this purpose. Available in your choice of blue, black, or green, it is an ergonomically designed pad for when you want to use your laptop in bed or on the couch. The curvy design allows for adequate airflow beneath your notebook and, at the same time, the U cool is stiff enough to provide sufficient support.┬áIt sure beats using a pillow as a notebook pad, that’s for sure.

A New Choiix in Notebook Cooling


Easily the most unique product out of the Choiix collection is the incredibly conventional “Chair” wood notebook stand. Whereas we are more accustomed to finding laptop stands made out of plastic and sleeves made of metal, this stand is made with your choice of birch, walnut, or bamboo.

How effective this is as an actual notebook cooling stand is questionable, but if you’re looking to make a “natural” fashion statement with your computing, this might be the ticket. It has three adjustable heights, a pillowed wrist rest for extended comfort, and a curved surface to allow for airflow.

The Chair Wood Notebook Stand will accommodate up to 15-inch widescreen laptops. I just hope the wood doesn’t catch on fire.

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