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Final Thoughts and Conclusion

There really isn’t all that much to the ZOTAC NITRO VGA Overclocking Controller. It’s basically a device that either works as it was intended to, or fails horribly at that exact thing. With that in mind I can safely say the ZOTAC NITRO fits into the latter category. It does what ZOTAC is trying to position it as doing; providing the novice with an easy means of overclocking the easiest component to overclock in a performance computer. Still there are some issues with the device, and the question as to whether or not it’s something one might actually want to buy.

ZOTAC NITRO VGA Overclocking Controller Review

When it comes to topic of buying the NITRO, many will agree that the price is a little high even with the 5 year warranty on ZOTAC cards this device is used with. Though you can use it with other brands of NVIDIA based video cards, they aren’t covered under that same warranty if you fry them. Rumour has it the ZOTAC may bundle the NITRO with some high end video card offering down the road, but that us just a rumour at this point.

In the end, what we have with the ZOTAC NITRO VGA Overclocking Controller is a device that works well, and is technically sound, but escapes any need or classification of usefulness. Those that are heavy into overclocking may already be using software to facilitate that hobby. Only a small percentage of those folks wanting the ability to overclock on the fly will want to look at the NITRO, with the rest being those who like to add flashy pieces of kit to their rigs. The on the fly overclocking and the warranty extension are the only two compelling reasons that this device would be a buy.


  • Works as advertised
  • Can overclock on the fly
  • Doesn’t void warranty
  • Software simple and uses very little resources


  • Price a little on the high side
  • Only offers full functionality on ZOTAC video cards

Overall Rating: 7.5/10.0

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