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MONSTEROUS Power Centers Get Connected 

MONSTER power centers come in all shapes and sizes, from standard surge protectors to ones with power conditioning technology. This year, MONSTER adds some unique features that really set their products apart from the crowd.

MONSTER Power Centers Get Power Line Connected! 

For starters, MONSTER’s new EPIR 2450 and EPIR 3650 power centers offer something that seems to be a first for any surge suppressor or power filtering product. MONSTER has equipped both new products with Power Line Compatible pass through ports that allow you to continue to use powerline networking systems. Wireless networks are great, but for gaming systems, latency is a bummer and nothing beats a wired network. These new power centers also use special digital filters that ensure that they don’t affect the frequencies that are required to operate the powerline networking technology because that would suck if it didn’t work.


The other really unique feature is the new Empowered IR infrared distribution technology that allows you to distribute an infrared signal to devices hidden behind closed doors, keeping things nice and tidy from the front. Although this type of technology isn’t brand new, it’s certainly a great feature to build in and set these products apart from the competitors. Of course, both products feature MONSTER’s lifetime connected equipment warranties, tri-mode surge suppression technologies with audible alarm and MONSTER Clean Power technology (Stage 2 for the EPIR 2450 and Stage 3 for the EPIR 3650).

The EPIR 2450 will start at $499.95 while the EPIR 3650 will start at $599.95 and should be hitting store shelves shortly if they aren’t already there.

MONSTER and that iPhone Thing

Canadians don’t have access to the iPhone…officially. For those that did manage to procure one, you’ll find both of these products very interesting.

 iPHone stuff at the MONSTER Cable 2008 Canadian Road Show

Starting off on the left, we’ve got the MONSTER iSoniTalk. As most of you iPhone people know, the iPhone has no BlueTooth. Yes, that’s really sad and unfortunate for you folks that feel that you are very important and need to wear a headset all the time. Fortunately for you, MONSTER’s iSoniTalk gives you back that handsfree capability, albeit wired. The iSoniTalk combines one button operation with a clip microphone and allows you to use any set of headphones you wish thanks to the built in adapter.  If you’re the type of person that enjoys listening to music with your own headphones and have discovered the joys of flushing people to voicemail, the iCableLink adapts the silly recessed iPhone headphone jack to allow you to use your favourite set of high quality headphones. The iCableLink should also help those users that want to use high end headphones with their shiny new MacBook Airs because they seemed to have screwed up the headphone jack on it as well.

The iSoniTalk is available for $24.50 while the iCableLink is available for $14.95. Both of which should be hitting stores shortly.

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