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Boom! Headshot!

To get a good idea of how the Destructor performed, I decided to pit it against some very lengthy gaming sessions. At first I didn’t really see much of a difference when I popped in Guild Wars and had a go with a few missions. The real differences were noticed when I changed games and started playing F.E.A.R., a very popular First Person Shooter. Since many of RAZER’s products are geared towards FPS shooters, I really shouldn’t have been surprised. Head shots: Something I’d never been able to accomplish before we’re coming off flawlessly. I was truly amazed. 37% better tracking rate? You’re starting to make me a believer.

To a pro-PC Gamer I can imagine that being able to produce headshots consistently every round is the deciding factor on whether you win or lose. This pad seems to help out quite a lot. Its hard smooth surface is easy to glide over, and because the pad is so wide (350mm (length) x 280mm (width) x 2.3mm (height)) it gives a wide range of movement. I always avoided the non-foam mouse pads in the past, mainly due to the height of the pad itself. In the past, I’d find the edge of the pad would chafe my wrist as I gamed, and as such I’d more often than not opt to play without one. This one however does not chafe and found it quite nice to rest my wrist on as I gamed.

Can’t you be a little more Flexible?

As far as flexibility goes for the Destructor, it’s rather rigid and inflexible, which in the end is an asset. This prevents the pad from possibly curling up while you game, or from the heat of your wrist warping the material of the pad. This also helps the pad to stay put; the underside is covered in a non-slip rubbery material to keep it from moving while you played, this is further enhanced by the pad’s overall size. Since it’s so wide, more surface area touching your desk, means next to no slip while you play.

Final Thoughts

RAZER Destructor Pro Gaming Mouse Pad Review

Although I’m not a big PC Gamer (yet), I can really see myself gaming on the PC more with the Destructor. Although my computer just isn’t up to snuff with the rest of you liquid cooled, super awesome computers, I’ve never really had a need to improve my game with blingy mouse surfaces. After a few sessions with the Destructor, I can honestly appreciate the need for all those hardcore pro-gamers to have that top of the line pad. While I had issues with its width partly due to an overly cluttered and small desk, I found nothing else wrong with the pad at all. In fact, I found a lot to like as it really did improve my game. Dare I say that it might have improved my game by 37%?

So, in the end the question is whether or not it is worth the $39.99 price tag. If you need every headshot spot on, then I would say definitely. If you’re going to invest in a mouse pad, and really love your PC gaming, then the Destructor is definitely for you. However, at $39.99, it is also 4000% more than that dollar store mousepad. But then again, the dollar store pad only keeps your mouse clean and doesn’t do anything for your game.


  • Non-slip rubbery bottom kept it in place
  • Carrying Case is great for a gamer on the go
  • Hard durable surface
  • Smooth Sleek design


  • Wide design is bad for smaller desks
  • Meant for the hardcore gamers
  • Somewhat over the top price tag

Overall Rating: 8.0 / 10.0


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