Part of the reason why the whole Futurelooks Team came down to PAX 2011 in Seattle this past weekend was because of NZXT’s invitation to us to come see what they were doing. While there weren’t a lot of exclusive products launching for the show, they did have a lot of great contests and giveaways going on. One of the contests was so awesome, someone lost their pants over it. Yes, we got it all on video. Can’t wait to share that one with you folks soon. But for now, our video coverage (see above or watch directly on YouTube) continues with a look at the new Tempest 410 Elite, Sentry Mix Fan Controller, and the Ltd Edition Pink Phantom.

We originally saw all these products at COMPUTEX 2011 in Taipei. NZXT gave us a tour of all of them, but they weren’t quite ready for prime time. Now that they are in full production attire, we had a chance to touch and feel the finished products. First up was the long awaited follow up to the original “Airflow King”, the NZXT Tempest. While the case is a little smaller than the original, Va Trung at NZXT told us that they made numerous improvements to improve air flow even further, and make it more user friendly when assembling components. If air is not your thing, the Tempest 410 Elite also comes with a spot for up to a 240mm radiator.

The case comes in two flavours with the 410 Elite being a windowed edition at $89.99 US with the non windowed version, which comes with spots for two 120mm fans, will go for $79.99 US. It’s been announced and should be heading to stores soon.

Hidden in the Tempest 410 Elite was the Sentry Mix Fan controller which gives you 50 watts of power per channel and features six sliders which look like a mixer, hence the “mix” name. It even allows control over the LED color and will hit the shelves for $29.99 US very soon. Last but not least, the Pink Phantom will indeed go into production sometime in the near future. Maybe the holidays. Maybe Valentine’s Day. We couldn’t get a definitive answer.

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