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Cardiovascular Element and Balance Games

The yoga poses and strength exercises aren’t so much about building bulk as they are about toning your muscles. They’re not bad at all, but the cardiovascular element in Wii Fit is quite weak. There is a running activity that simply tracks the shaking of the Wii Remote in your pocket as you jog (more cheating possibility here), for example. Even though it didn’t provide much in terms of cardiovascular benefit, I did enjoy the two step training exercises though. Too bad there’s no song selection or variation here, so DDR freaks can apply elsewhere. Yes, those are Mii characters in that activity.

Nintendo Wii Fit - A Month in Review

Speaking for myself, the area where I could probably have the most to gain is in the balance games. I have a notoriously poor sense of balance. The yoga poses and strength exercises may help to strengthen my core, but the balance games are way more fun and provide a direct incentive to improving my sense of balance. Running a hamster ball down the river is quite entertaining.

Nintendo Wii Fit - A Month in Review

Far more importantly here, the balance games in Wii Fit are what really demonstrate the possibilities for future Wii Balance Board applications. Just as Wii Sports introduced waggle controls, Wii Fit shows us that the Balance Board can be used for skiing, snowboarding, and other balance-oriented activities. Imagine an SSX snowboarding game using the balance board. How about Tony Hawk skateboarding? A motion-sensing boxing game would be pretty intense too.

Final Thoughts

Nintendo Wii Fit - A Month in Review

Realistically, I wouldn’t get my hopes up about having Wii Fit completely change anyone’s physique in any sort of substantial way. It’s a fun diversion from a proper exercise regimen, but you can certainly make use of it to improve your balance and work on a few yoga poses. The execution is quite good, even if there are certain areas that are a little lacking. It’s also unlikely that you’ll stick to Wii Fit for an extended period of time, just as it’s unlikely that you stuck with daily mind games in Brain Age.

As it stands, Wii Fit serves as an excellent demonstration of what the Balance Board can do and the health benefits are a definite added bonus. I do sense that my balance is improving, but I certainly did not lose any weight over the course of using Wii Fit for about a month. I just hope that third party developers take advantage of the Balance Board in new and exciting ways.


  • Balance Board shows a lot of promise
  • Nice variety of activities
  • Balance games are quite fun
  • Great tracking of BMI, weight, Wii Fit age
  • Nice Mii integration into certain activities


  • Too focused on weight and BMI as indicators of health
  • Gets terribly repetitive very quickly
  • No way to design a proper regimen
  • Minimal cardiovascular element
  • No multiplayer at all

Overall Rating: 7.5 / 10.0

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