MSI has added two new additions to their gaming gear lineup: the Vigor GK80 and GK70 gaming keyboards. The MSI Vigor has a strong focus on illumination with their exclusive Mystic Light software while packaging it up with a premium base crafted out of anodized aluminum.

A solid feeling with a floating key design brings some stunning visuals to your gaming environment. Both the MSI Vigor GK80 and GK70 keyboards utilize Cherry MX switches in conjunction with exclusive hotkeys to deliver an amazing gaming experience.

The MSI Vigor GK80 is a 104-key keyboard and the GK70 is a tenkeyless (i.e., no keypad) keyboard, but both feature the per-key RGB lighting that works with MSI’s Mystic Light application. Note that the Mystic Light application is separate from MSI’s Gaming Center software, so if you need to change lighting profiles, you will have to make use of separate programs. Both the Vigor GK80 and GK70 come with a small set of replacement keycaps and tool.

The GK80 has a single USB 2.0 passthrough cable and routing trough to store the cable when not in use. The Vigor GK80 also includes macro keys that allow you to toggle CPU and GPU settings on-the-fly. The Vigor GK70 is not quite as flashy as the GK80 but does have a slightly different styling to it. The RGB accent lighting is still there but located under the sides.

Both the MSI Vigor GK80 and MSI Vigor GK70 come with either Cherry MX Red or MX Silver keys.

GK80 GK70
Switches Cherry MX Red/Silver Cherry MX Red/Silver
Interface Wired USB2.0 Wired USB2.0
Keys 104 Keys 87 Keys
Backlight Per-key RGB Per-key RGB
Key Life 50 Million+ 50 Million+
Multimedia Keys Dedicated Keys Combo Keys
Gaming Mode Fn + Windows Fn + Windows
N-Key Rollovers N-Key Rollover (game mode)
6-Key Rollover (standard mode)
N-Key Rollover (game mode)
6-Key Rollover (standard mode)
Dimensions 4450 x 1420 x 400 mm 3550 x 1350 x 450 mm
Weight 1055g 740g

You can check out more information about the Vigor series keyboards over at MSI’s website.

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