I always like to see new announcements for compact computer systems. In this day and age, unless you are doing something involving graphics or large amounts of number crunching, a modern compact computer will fill most of your needs. They just keep getting smaller and more powerful too, as is the case with the HEXA. This new compact performance computer comes to us from the folks at iBUYPOWER, and they are having as much fun imagining uses for it as you are.

Yes, this little black box can find its home in many places. You can mount it to the back of your TV or PC monitor, squirrel it away in some out of the way spot on your desk, or go all out and use it for some embedded setup. The platform can support either Intel or AMD hardware, and comes with the latest performance onboard graphics in the form of Intel Iris or AMD APU. And yes, it does look a whole lot like a GIGABYTE Brix Pro. Hmm…

The Intel platform is available now, with AMD coming soon. More info can be found in the press release below.

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iBUYPOWER Introduces the HEXA Ultra Compact Performance System

May 5, 2014, City of Industry, CA – Big performance in a small box – that’s what we’re delivering with the new iBUYPOWER HEXA, a new ultra small form factor PC designed to blast through all your computing tasks, and then some.

From the skunkworks operations deep within iBUYPOWER’s lab, we worked with Gigabyte to bring you a new experience that’s unheard of in a system that takes up nary a stack of sticky note’s desktop space. Most iBUYPOWER will be offering two flavors, AMD and Intel systems, with iBUYPOWER’s configurability. You don’t get this level of performance and customization from anywhere else. The HEXA delivers six-sides of gaming goodness.

There’s no shortage of uses for the HEXA. Mount it on the rear of a TV or large display, and you can supercharge your big screen experience while keeping your setup looking clean. Want to travel? HEXA drops effortlessly into a backpack with plenty of room to spare.

“iBUYPOWER is in constant pursuit of delivering the latest technology in innovative ways that adds value to our customers, and the new HEXA systems deliver the very best performance in its class,” said Darren Su, Vice President of iBUYPOWER. “The HEXA is perfect for those who need portability, or want to hide away the system, say, for a media center. There’s never been so much power in the palm of one hand.”

The new HEXA systems are available from iBUYPOWER in obsidian black. Customers can choose between AMD and Intel platforms, with various configurations on memory, and storage options. No matter which platforms you choose though, your HEXA will come with the latest Intel Core i7-4770R or AMD’s Richland A8 -5557M APU. There’s no shortage of power here.

iBUYPOWER HEXA systems are available in Intel configurations here.

AMD powered HEXA systems will be available soon.


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