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3DMark Vantage


I definitely enjoyed the 975 D0’s extra overclocking head room. I’ll have to throw an elite water cooling block on here soon to see what sorts of results can be achieved. Under 3DMark Vantage, we can see that overclocking definitely gets you a ton of extra points on this CPU.

Cinebench 10


The nice thing about Cinebench 10 is that it can give you a pretty accurate CPU performance comparison. It also doesn’t cost anything if you’d like to see where your system stands. Although triple channel is faster, dual channel is still only steps away.

Passmark – CPU Marks


I’ve found Passmark to provide some common user, real world scores. Not everyone has the most elite software, system components, or always know how to configure their BIOS for maximum performance. But, if you can, your results are going to be very close to these. It’s pretty amazing to see the Core i7 destroy even Intel’s own Core 2 Quad.

XMpeg 5.0 1080p Rendering


XMpeg 5.0 is new here on the test bench. Typically, you’ll find the latest version of Handbrake being used to gather some rendering or encoding benchmarks. Of course, the newly minted Core i7 975 wins the day in this race.

This concludes our regular set of benchmarks. However, high speed CPUs wouldn’t be much fun without…fun. We’re stepping through some of our favourite gaming titles to give you a real world idea of how many extra Frames Per Second you can expect from Intel’s latest and greatest. Upward and onward…

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