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CPU Cooling (H20)

We’ve come to appreciate the silence and simplicity of air coolers, but liquid coolers seem to be all the rage. Here are a couple really good ones that we are recommending as part of this PC DIY gift guide.


One of the top 280mm (2 x 140mm fan) liquid cooling systems (LCS) is the NZXT Kraken X61 ($140 US) thanks to its useful fan control software, since many motherboards don’t offer this kind of full control through the BIOS.

Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate

Pictured above, the Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate ($140) is simply the best 360mm (triple 120mm) LCS avaiable. Just make sure your computer enclosure supports the LCS you choose. Otherwise, move back up to the Enclosure and Power Supply sections again to find one of the compatible enclosures we recommended.


Gift Guide 3
Good quality audio is a must-have item for experiencing the best games, music and other media. One of our top PC headsets to own, offering high-end audio quality, is the Kingston HyperX Cloud Gaming headset. It sells for about $80 to $97 US. Don’t let the name full you. That quality sound is generated by QNAP drivers, which really stands out when paired with a good analog motherboard or audio card. And, they’re quite comfortable as well as come in black or white.


Some users appreciate plugging in a single USB cable instead. The Corsair Vengeance 1500 V2 7.1 gaming headset boasts a 50mm driver creating big sound for your big games. Corsair’s headset software helps users get the right sound for the right game. Pricing ranges from $75 to $95 from Amazon or Newegg.

That’s Our List!

Thermaltake_Core V71_Complete_System_2

We’ve recommended some of the all-time best computer components money can buy that are worth your hard-earned money, made with high quality materials, offer very good value and of course components that will make superb gifts. In fact, one could build one impressive computer that will last for years just going down the list.

So don’t wait any longer. Right now is a really a great time to buy with all the holiday sales going on. Get that special someone an upgrade this Christmas. Sneak it under the tree, send them on a scavenger hunt, hide it in the their stocking, or just tape it to their arm. They will love it either way.

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