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On The Record With The Staff and Volunteers

There was much work to be done to get a brand new venue up and running. With that in mind we decided to sit down and talk to the main Fragapalooza Staffers, volunteers, and a couple of long time attendees to let you know just how important this event is to the community and why they do this every year.

Fragapalooza is a very down-to-Earth event, put on by gamers for gamers. Though there have been a significant number of sponsors in past years, this isn’t some event put on by some huge corporation with deep pockets. The volunteers and staff really make this event what it is.

RockBand, MurderBall and Other Mayhem

Despite the change in venue, the fun had by the attendees of this year’s Fragapalooza was just as great. In addition to rounds of Call of Duty 4, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2, some old school action on Quake 3 Arena,Counter Strike, Trackmania, World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and more, there were plenty of random contests that keep the attendees occupied.

Organizers and staff took advantage of the venue that held bleachers and put on the first Fragapalooza Wave…

This year’s venue also brought about the rise of a new RockBand competition where attendees had a lot of fun dressed up and made up to rock out with their plastic instruments out. They were even judged by a panel that included our own Michael Kwan, as well as Brittney LeBlanc and Scott Bourgeois from iNews880.

The Fragapalooza Staff and Volunteers demonstrate how it is done…

The wall sit also made a return in the form of the GIGABYTE Ultra-Durable Challenge. Check out the PAIN below as competitors sit for an eternity to win a prestigious GIGABYTE X58 motherboard…

In addition to sitting for a VERY long time to win an excellent motherboard, CoolIT Systems also put up a number of their Domino A.L.C. coolers, pitting attendees against the clock in an installation task as seen below…

Other events included the pencil sharpening contest and murderball. We actually have a lot of video of the event available on our YouTube Channel, and will continue to upload more video till we run out of footage.

An Invitation for Fragapalooza 2010?

In the end, I would have to say that the Fragapalooza staff and volunteers have much to be proud about. They effectively pulled this event from the precipice overlooking oblivion and managed to put together an awesome community event. Fragapalooza both met, and in some ways exceeded the expectations set by previous events. It’s great to see such a core group of people, who have merged together to become an extended family, put on this spectacular event.

Like many families, they do have their problems. However this is a tight but welcoming community, and I and the Futurelooks crew are looking forward to next year. More pictures on the next page!

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