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Time Crisis: Razing Storm Satisfies

To many people, the era of the on-rails shooter is a thing of the past and we’re much more ensconced in the era of first-person and third-person shooters. Not so. I dig the retro appeal of Lethal Enforcers and Virtua Cop as much as the next guy, but we need something new.

And the something new is called Time Crisis: Razing Storm for the PlayStation 3. Fully supporting the Move controller, you hold the wand like a handgun and fire at will. The top button is akin to the old Time Crisis pedal, pressing it to come out to play and letting go to hide under cover. The bottom trigger is to fire your gun.

The demo didn’t allow for manual switching of guns, but this feature will be added before the game’s release in September. Don’t expect anything groundbreaking, but it should still be fun… especially with up to eight players online.

Tron: Evolution Prequels the Sequel

One of the biggest movies to hit theatres later this year is Tron: Legacy. It’s going to be a huge franchise and I’m sure all the fanboys will be lining up in droves to watch it. Disney Interactive is capitalizing on this excitement with a Tron game of its own.

Interestingly, it’s not your typical movie tie-in game. Instead, Tron: Evolution actually takes place between the original film and the upcoming sequel. In this way, you could say that it’s a prequel to the sequel, filling in some of the gaps that may still be left unanswered.

Tron: Evolution is developed by Propaganda Games (the same studio that brought you TUROK) and it will be released on the PS3 (as well as PC and Xbox 360). It is also comprised of two main gameplay elements. On the one hand, you get a third-party action game with parkour elements and plenty of combat.

On the other hand, you can hop onto the Tron bike and race your way around the Tron universe, complete with disc-throwing battle elements. The coolest part is that Tron: Evolution is going to be offered with 3D support on the PS3 to boot.

An official release date wasn’t revealed, but they did say that it’ll be available before the movie hits the silver screen.

Nyko Raven Offers 360 Experience to PS3 Owners

I’m partial to the Xbox 360 controller, so I’m always a little frustrated when I go to my friends’ houses to play with the PS3. That’s why it’s so awesome that Nyko is releasing the Raven controller.

It’s available with a standard layout, but you can opt for the “alternate” version with an Xbox 360 layout, including the moving of left analog stick and the switching of the two trigger buttons (L2/R2) to Xbox-style. It’s also got a soft finish for added comfort and a sense of quality. The Nyko Raven for PS3 is only $34.99 too, offering some savings over the first-party controller.

A Solid Selection from Sony

It’s a good time to be a gamer. The Nintendo 3DS looks captivating and the Xbox Kinect looks innovative, but don’t sell Sony short either. There are plenty of marquee titles coming down the chute, like Gran Turismo and Killzone, as well as cool innovations like the PlayStation Move. Start saving those pennies now, because you’ll need them for this holiday video game shopping season across all major platforms.

What else did we see at E3? Be sure to check back often for more articles here, as well as on the Futurelooks Twitter stream and YouTube channel. There’s a lot to see!

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