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Screen Quality

D-Link 10 Inch Wireless Internet Photo Frame Review

If the screen sucked, then this product and the cool web features would go to waste. Afterall, it is a digital photo frame for showing…digital photos. So how is the screen really? Well, it’s actually really good. Viewing angles were generally decent unless you crank it way past 45 degrees. But if you’re staring across the room at it or walking by, the colors look vibrant and the general brightness of the screen in all conditions was excellent. It will do justice to your photos.

Although the frame looks like it’s good enough to display your videos as well, it doesn’t. The frame only displays photos in the JPG format when using the built in memory, memory slot, or on an external hard drive plugged into the USB port. However, with upgradeable firmware, you never know.

Final Thoughts and Conclusions

So with only 1GB of memory onboard, surprisingly, the D-Link DSM-210 gets away with it. In fact, the lack of internal memory shouldn’t impede your enjoyment by any means. By allowing you to supplement internal storage with a USB drive, you get to overcome that impediment fairly easily. This is great for you crazies that never want to connect the frame to the Internet. If you do connect the frame up though, you’ll automatically have access to the limitless storage available on all your favourite picture upload sites and social media networks.

D-Link 10 Inch Wireless Internet Photo Frame Review

The screen quality is excellent and as observed, will definitely do justice to your pictures. A photo frame would suck if it didn’t have good photo quality. The only thing that would top this off would be the ability to playback video, but who knows with a firmware update down the road. I also particularly liked how snappy the interface was overall. However, since the interface can only be controlled by the included remote control; losing it means you won’t be able to operate the frame as there are no external buttons on the frame. If D-Link were to include some way to store or attach the remote to the frame after use, it would greatly reduce the chance of it going missing. Simply adding a small control pad would also be an option.

Overall, I found the ease of use and the online features quite enjoyable to use. Being able to pull photos directly off the web really makes the frame a pleasure to use. The only people that this product would not appeal to would be those crazies that don’t have Internet. But if you do have an Internet connection, lots of pictures on your Flickr or Facebook account, then this is a great digital photo frame for you.


  • WiFi or Wireless Connectivity to the Web
  • Full acccess to all your Flickr and Facebook photos and more
  • Ability to supplement internal 1GB memory via USB or extra memory cards
  • Motion sensor allows the frame to turn off when not in use, and turn on when people start gawking at it (saves power)
  • Can be oriented vertically or horizontally
  • Easy to use and setup


  • For those non-Internet folks, 1GB of internal memory might not be enough (but you can supplement via USB).
  • The remote control are the only controls, so if it breaks or goes missing, you’re out of luck
  • You need an Internet connection to take full advantage of the best features
Overall Rating: 8.5 / 10.0
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