Always looking to innovate, Cooler Master has taken customization to a whole new level. We always talk about things like options, flexibility, expandability, but there is always one thing a PC chassis can’t normally do, and that’s house two computer systems in one. Although this is not a new idea at all as companies in the past (remember the Thermaltake Mozart TX?) have done similar things, Cooler Master has come up with their version of that concept using a more modular design. They call it the HAF Stacker.

The Cooler Master HAF Stacker is actually a combination of three cases combining into one: The HAF 915F, HAF 915R, and HAF 925. The HAF 935 is the base line case you can purchase that consists of the HAF 925 + 915R. Like the regular HAF series cases you get all the great features of that series in the core HAF 925 including great airflow, support for up to six 3.5″ HDD, support for full-sized graphics cards, large PSUs, sturdy steel constructions and more. That’s great, but let’s turn our attention to things only the HAF Stacker can do.

Do you have or use a second system in your house in the same room? Well now you can combine those two systems into one. You can have your personal gaming system with a secondary PC built into the HAF 915R. Use it as a home server, game server, guest computer, or folding farm. No need for a second computer tower or case. Then you can use the HAF 915R as expanded space for up nine additional HDDs or liquid cooling. And each case has doors that allow connections to pass from one to the other built in. Or you can even pull the mini ITX system off and take it to a LAN party, leaving the base system intact.

Although comparisions can be drawn to the CFI Pharaoh EVO, that case does not split into separate systems, making the HAF Stacker unique in this respect. And the possibilities are huge as is the size of the case once built. Check out the video we shot at PAX Prime 2013 to see just HOW huge it is!

The Cooler Master HAF Stacker is definitely a special case with a feature set that has really brought this modular concept to the forefront. Although they are not the first, they have definitely executed it just a little better than past innovators. I can honestly say that nothing has pushed the concept like the HAF Stacker has.

The HAF Stacker 935 is available for $169.99 US (currently pre-order) while the HAF Stacker 915F is available for as low as $60.94 US. More information is available in the press release linked below.

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Cooler Master HAF Stacker: The First Ever “Mod-Tower” Stackable Case

10-15-2013 – Cooler Master, a leading creator, innovator and manufacturer of desktop components and more, today officially makes available to the world the first stackable computer case series, the HAF Stacker Series. Launching with three connectible and stackable models, HAF 915F, HAF 915R, and HAF 935.

Series Convergence

Joining together two titans among Cooler Master case series, HAF Stacker takes the essence of the widely popular High Air Flow and Stacker series and elevates them to new heights as a single, cohesive line. The large drive storage and interior space of the Stacker series meets the Water and Air cooling design of the HAF series. The result is the first modular and expandable full tower with smaller companion cases that all stack together seamlessly.

Expandability and Modularity

Available in three distinct models, the HAF Stacker series features a full tower HAF 935 configuration consisting of the HAF 915R and HAF 925, M-ITX HAF 915R, and M-ITX HAF 915F. Each base configuration offers unique features and benefits that stand out on their own merit while being stackable with other models in the series for expanded functionality. This is all made possible by a CM patent pending rail system that was inspired by a military pica-tinny rail to enable the attachment and removal of each stackable piece in 2 easy and secure steps.

HAF 915F

  • MITX supporting long graphics card (310 mm), standard PSU and water cooling
  • Front mounted power supply for better cable management
  • Supports larger CPU coolers including Hyper 212 plus
  • Supporting up to 360 mm radiator in water cooling box mode
  • Supporting up to 6 hard drive bays with optional storage mode

HAF 915R

  • MITX supporting long graphics card (310 mm), standard PSU and water cooling
  • Supporting up to 360 mm radiator in water cooling box mode
  • Supporting up to 9 x 3.5” hard drive bays or 12 x 2.5” in optional storage mode
  • First expandable MITX chassis
  • Front 92 mm fan offers direct storage cooling

HAF 935 (925 + 915R)

  • Stack extra 915A/B for dual system or unlimited water cooling space
  • Dust filtered intakes and sliding filter frames
  • Easy to use cable management
  • Flexible removable drive cages can be transferred to HAF 915
  • Limitless Configurations

Stack to your heart’s content. HAF Stacker Series – 915F, 915R, and HAF 935 – can be attached to the top or bottom of each other to work with whatever configuration you need. Here are some, not all, of the many possible configurations:

  • Primary system + Guest computer
  • Folding or Mining farm
  • NAS Box
  • Radiator Box
  • Primary system + home server
  • Game Server

The HAF Stacker Series is now available globally. Price and availability may vary based on region. This release is meant for the U.S. and Canada regions only. Please consult your local Cooler Master Representative for more information.


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