If you are into PC gaming and follow along with the gear that is available, especially gaming keyboards, chances are you have heard of Cherry MX switches for keyboards. Gaming enthusiasts typically love the tactile mechanical keys for their gaming keyboards. For some gamers who play on dedicated laptops, though, they typically miss out on that clicking goodness of a well manufactured mechanical keyboard. Until now.

TechCrunch met with Cherry Engineers while at CES in Las Vegas and was told that Cherry is now introducing a whole new line of keyboard switches that should be small enough to bring a mechanical keyboard experience to laptops. These would be the low-profile version of their popular Cheery MX RGB switches. If these new low-profile MX switches are popular, they will launch thinner versions of the other MX switches as well.

Some features of these new low-profile Cherry MX switches are:

  • 3.2 mm of travel
  • Improved Spill and Dust Protection
  • Rated for at least 50 million key presses
  • 35% more shallow than standard MX switches

Manufacturing in Germany is ramping up production of the switches and we should see the first keyboards in the next few months.

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