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MSI Intel P67A Launch Event

We were honored to attend MSI’s official launch party for their P67 line of motherboards. The event started off with the Sandy Bridge G Series featuring the new DynAudio; a classy high end audio solution. It also marked the return of the GTX 480, but retuned into the NGTX480 Lightning, which features 16 phase PWM, independent memory power, and high current Copper MOS. This is the same card that set a 3DMark Vantage world record for the series.

But, this party for me was mainly all about their entire P67A motherboards from their smallest micro ATX P67A-ED33 up to the mind boggling Big Bang Marshall motherboard featuring a larger than life form factor that allows for more PCIE slots than before. It is designed to satiate the most extreme DIY user.

In order to hit the points home, Rajiv Kothari, MSI’s North American front man stepped up to the plate to give us the pitch on Big Bang Marshall and its P67 and H67 siblings…

Look for their P67A-GD65 board review in our upcoming P67A mainstream round up featuring the best bang for buck platforms for INTEL Sandy Bridge.

Kingston – SSD, HyperX and a NEW Product Category

If you associate Kingston with things like SSD or PC memory, then you’re a well versed pro. Kingston does these products very well and is constantly looking for ways to improve SSD quality and the experience. While including everything you need to upgrade a system to an SSD all in the box is one way, another way Kingston does it better is through new product innovation.

Check out the video below for a sneak beak at what may potentially be a new product category for Kingston…

Codenamed the Mobi SX, this product sets the stage for what potentially may be a new product category for Kingston. With high speed flash and a dedicated wireless connection for up to three devices, this thing could very well be a great alternative to a heavy NAS or portable hard drive when you are travelling with others and need to be on the go.

The Kingston HyperX Team also launched the Genesis dual and triple channel DDR3 line for the new Intel H67/P67 (Sandy Bridge) and soon to arrive X58 refresh platforms. Genesis can be found offering frequencies from 1333MHz all the way up to 2133MHz on select dual channel kits.  We already have a dual channel 2133MHz on hand, so keep an eye out for the review soon. It’s currently the fastest stuff available for Sandy Bridge. HyperX!

On another front, Kingston has been working on some new software that is currently being beta bundled with 8GB and larger flash drives. The collage of apps including anti-virus run directly from the flash drive in an effort to provide on-the-go access without leaving a trace of where you’ve been. The software has some great potential especially when it comes to young users. Expect to see more in the near future.

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