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I swear when I got on the plane at 5:30 in the morning that it was headed to California, or someplace exotic. I awoke to an abrupt landing and the captain’s voice giving us the run down as we taxied to the terminal in Las Vegas. Then I remembered, “Oh, yeah! CES!” This is where the industry’s top technology companies reveal what’s been going on behind their very secretive closed doors. Well, maybe it’s not quite that covert.

GIGABYTE  333 Power

What’s “333” you ask? It’s the latest USB 3.0, SATA3, and triple amount of power needed for the latest USB devices for much better connectivity. Think of it as GIGABYTE’s Ultra Durable 3 motherboard series getting some new storage muscle. We met with Tim Handley, Global Marketing Director with GIGABYTE for a more up close and personal interview.

Now, you should have a better perspective on GIGABYTE 333 Power. This should also hopefully explain why USB devices sometimes intermittently fail when you have a few too many connected. One less thing you have to worry about is a good thing.

Working With USB 3.0 Leaders

Buffalo’s new external 1TB USB 3.0 DriveStation, OCZ’s impressive USB 3.0 capable SSD, and Seagate’s freshly launched SATA3 Barracuda Hard Drive were among  the latest storage devices connected to many of their new Intel X58A-UD7, P55A-UD7, H55M-USB3, and AMD 790-FXTA-UD5 motherboards. We know the motherboards are down right mean, but are these devices fast?

We got a sneak preview of OCZ’s new USB 3.0 Flash Drive about the size of a cell phone which headed up the pack with 180MB/s Sequential Read and Write performance. But, the real performance comes from the small 4KB data block 14MB/s Read and 13MB/s Write transfer rates. That’ll keep your desktop humming along quite nicely.

And, JMicron returns with a new controller in their SATA 6GB capable SSD. We saw preliminary benchmarks that show that it’s better late than never when it comes to getting back in the game. If nothing else, we hope that it helps drive down SSD prices.

GIGABYTE will be putting the new GA-790FXTA-UD5 AMD motherboards under some LN2 overclocking Saturday. We’ll bring you the highlights and event results once the fog clears and make sure you check on our Twitter and YouTube Channels for additional coverage from CES 2010.

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