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ANTEC Re-Enters the CPU Cooler (err… Kuhler) Market

Along with resurrecting its LanBoy monicker, ANTEC has brought itself back into the CPU cooling market with a trio of coolers. Or rather, as they call them at ANTEC, “Kuhlers”. ANTEC did make some coolers briefly a few years back, but quality control sunk that product line. However, the new designs definitely looked decent and were based on some very solid technologies that are doing well in today’s high performance CPU coolers.

The coolers are built with ANTEC chassis designs in mind and are offered in three orientations that best serve a particular style of chassis, from vertical, to horizontal. The Kuhler Flow, Shelf and Box (left to right) should be hitting store shelves by the end of Q1 and should be priced competitively with other solutions on the market.

The ANTEC TPQ-1200 OC is For Overclocking

For overclocking, having stable power is key to success. The TPQ-1200 OC is a bit of an upgrade to the standard TPQ-1200 in two ways. For starters, the knobs on the back allow you to crank up the juice to stabilize any droop in the rails during hardcore overclocks while capacitors in the leads give you stored up juice for those sudden jolts in demand.

Although I can believe that the adjustment knobs might influence fluctuations in voltage, I’m not such a keen believer in the caps that are wired inline with the power leads. It’s like putting one of those in your car audio systems: it doesn’t really do much.

The Signature Series Gets a 1200W Upgrade

Antec’s signature series power supply gets boosted up to 1200W from its rather pedestrian 650W and 850W versions. This should allow this great power supply to meet the demands of more than just single GPU power users.

In less interesting news, the CP series gets a bump up to 1000 watts from the regular 850watts. That of course won’t be very exciting to you unless you own an ANTEC case with the removable PSU plate.

The Most Important Product of CES 2010 (According to ANTEC)

According to ANTEC, THIS is the most important product of CES 2010…

And if you need to haul around the really heavy LANBoy Air case or any fully loaded up high end gaming rig, you would be right. It’s nice to see companies and especially product development guys have a sense of humor about their products.

For more CES 2010 Coverage check out our CES Category or snoop around the YouTube Channel. More pictures after the jump.

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