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ANTEC Adds More Notebook Coolers

With the popularity of netbooks and notebooks, ANTEC has added a couple of new coolers to the line up. The “Cooler Stand” above is geared towards the MacBook crowd with its aluminum construction and “MacBook-Like” style. It uses a single 80mm fan that is powered by your system’s USB port.

Antec’s “Cooler Basic” has no fan, but offers angle adjustment to minimize wrist and eye strain when using it with the growing number of netbooks on the market.

The “Cooler Designer” is an elegant design that uses a single 110mm blower that allows you to place the unit on your lap without grabbing your pants. It’s powered by USB and the fan spins at a quiet 800 RPM.

Finally, the new lineup is topped off with the “Cooler Mini” which is a wedge shaped cooler that slips under the back of your notebook and draws power from a single USB port. It also raises the back, giving you a much more comfortable position for your wrists.

Mini-ITX Anyone?

ANTEC was also showing off this HTPC concept case. With mini-ITX platforms becoming powerful enough to properly run an HTPC setup, ANTEC decided to throw something together that might pique some interest from passing journalists.

While on the topic of mini-ITX, ANTEC was also showing off this more conventional looking HTPC chassis. Unlike the smaller HTPC case above, this one will allow you to hook up a full complement of drives and allow you to record and archive your favourite TV shows till you run out of space. It was kind of boring though and I hope they spruce it up before they launch it. No ETA or pricing on either unfortunately.

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