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High Performance vs. Silent Running

One thing to keep in mind with the P183 is that some of the largest video cards available like the GTX295 or HD 5800/5900 series video cards are super long. Considering video card sizes when designing a case doesn’t always go as planned especially if the video card creators are more ‘tight lipped’ than usual. Hey, we’re not pointing fingers. We’re just saying.

On the same note, the Performance Series including the P183 are specifically designed for those who don’t want to hear their computer any more than needed. That’s why Puget Systems offers the system fully decked out for silent running as well and it works.

Chassis Cooling Performance

The best way to measure a computer enclosure’s cooling capacity is to either install a system as we have done, or use a heat gun which represents a worst case scenario. (The heat gun is my own special patented testing technique.) This time around, we’re going with the system test.

Antec P183 Computer Enclosure Graph

We took readings with and without the front optional fans. Without the two front optional 120mm fans, the P183 still moves a decent amount of air through the system. Depending on whether or not you’re doing some extreme overclocking or using a hot video card like the GTX295, you’ll need to use the fastest fan speed. This kept my GTX295 better cooled which doesn’t do well when it approaches 70C.

The optional fans I chose to use were the Antec Tri-Cool Blue LED 120mm Fans and with them, the performance definitely improved. The PAX GIGABYTE P55 and P55A-UD6 demo system worked perfectly even on the lowest fan speed settings even with dual GTX295 cards.

Power Supply Performance

Antec CP-850 Power Supply Test Graph

Using my trusty meter to physically measure rails, the CP-850 held its voltages quite nicely and well within specifications required by the system. The 12V rails were amply fed by the internal capacitors at all times. This always removes any doubt as to the longevity or lifespan of your precious computer system. Also worth noting is that the 3.3V, 5V, or 12V rails experienced very minor .03 voltage fluctuations during testing. This is a good thing. Major voltage fluctuations over .09 can cause reboots, blue screens, and component failure. It can also drastically affect any of your overclocking progress.

The power efficiency observed here was actually about 84% in its best form. This places it at the top of the Bronze Certification class and made me feel a lot better about running such power hungry graphics card.

Final Thoughts

Antec P183 Enclosure 15

What we have here is one of the most popular enclosure designs to date. It’s such a great case, that vendors like Puget Systems saw fit to make this their enclosure of choice. That’s simply because the P183 offers tried and true features that set it apart from most any other enclosure available further continuing its iconic legacy. If that doesn’t convince you, you should really take the opportunity to check one out in person to see what all the fuss is about. Did I mention that with the right mix of components, it can be nearly dead silent?

Since power is ever so important in today’s Quad Core processors and power hungry motherboards, you should consider giving your system the best possible chance of life long success. Power it with the very quiet Antec CP-850 Power Supply so you too can experience the benefits of an 80-Plus efficiency and SLI performance. In fact, many stores like NCIX have been selling this as a combo for as little as $199 on special. Otherwise, you can snag the case for around $129.99 and the PSU for $124.99 respectively at places like NewEgg. If you must have it, you can order up Puget System’s custom combo version for about $150 extra.

With an extremely competitive price tag, silent performance and great build possibilities, I have to award this combo an Editors’ Choice Award.


  • One of the cleanest case designs on the planet
  • Wire management that works
  • Great quality construction
  • Case fan controls
  • Accommodates regular ATX and Antec form factor Power Supplies
  • CP-850 is a strong 80-Plus Efficient performer
  • The perfect duo for the perfect silent PC build


  • CP-850 currently only fits in an Antec built chassis

Overall Rating: 9.0/10.0

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