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Shocking New 8 and 16 Port PoE Switches from TRENDnet


TRENDnet recently announced the release of two new Power over Ethernet, or PoE, switches to add to their lineup of PoE equipment. The TPE-T160H and TPE-T80H combine an Ethernet power injector with a large density Ethernet switch to provide powered ports for your larger projects. Both switches are unmanaged, and provide up to 30W per port with a total max …

The In Win 901 PC Chassis Is Not to be Broken in Case of Emergency


Many you have heard the name of InWin before, but can’t quite put your finger on something they have made in the past. They have had some interesting ideas here and there but nothing that really took hold in the DIY PC community. We think that is all about the change because I don’t think you can forget the InWin …

OCZ Not Dead or in the Red; Announces New Vertex SSD Instead


It would appear that OCZ has arisen from the crypt (thanks to its new overlords at Toshiba), dusted off its suit, and decided to carry on as normal. They just announced the newest addition to their Vertex line of SSDs.

The Vertex 460 series enters into the mainstream SSD market with a SATA3 connection and capacities of 120GB, 240GB, and …

The FUNC HS-260 Gaming Headset Reviewed

FUNC HS 260 Gaming Headset 12

When I get to play a game, it’s a better experience when the audio supports the content. For example, RPGs tend to have really good sound effects and epic music composition that seems to carry you on your quest or journey. Even some FPS utilize very realistic weapons and action audio samples. If the headset I’m wearing isn’t up to …

be quiet! Launches Entirely New Lineup of CPU Coolers


When it comes to cooling, little improvements can make a different to performance. Another 5°C here and there can determine if your overclock is stable enough to play your favorite game, or a waste of 2 hours of tweaking. Premium PC DIY product manufacturer, be quiet!, is here to give you that extra margin of safety with their third generation …

GIGABYTE Releases AMD A-Series ‘Kaveri’ APU motherboards Using a Time Machine


It is that time again! AMD getting ready to release a new series of processors. This year, it is the A-Series Kaveri APU based on the Steamroller architecture. To ensure support for these new chips, GIGABYTE has now officially announced that all their FM2+ motherboards based on the A88X and A55 support Kaveri. They’ve also been showing off the upcoming …