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Pre-COMPUTEX 2014 – Noctua Adds Fans, Drops Colours


No, that picture above is not in black and white. Noctua, known throughout the enthusiast community for having some of the quietest fans with divisive looks, have decided to re-release many of their products in different colours. Also coming out of the Austrian company are some new accessories to go with their two new fan lines.

The redux line of …

be quiet! Power Supplies Excel at Being Enviromentally Friendly


Looking for a quiet power supply for your system? Something that sips power from the outlet while still being able to drive your rig? Well, it looks like these be quiet! power supplies just might be the perfect products for you.

Turns out that in testing, be quiet! has shown that their power supplies already comply with stricter power efficiency …

Beware of New Steam Phishing Scheme


Smartphone apps existed before Apple decided to launch the App Store for the iPhone, but they created a unified marketplace to get your apps. Prior to that, everything was scattered in all sorts of different repositories across the web. The same can be said about PC games in the past too, but that’s why we love Valve Software and their …

be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3 CPU Cooler Review

Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 3 CPU Cooler 17

In the quest for higher performance and higher overclocks, processors keep heating up our cases, and hardware manufacturers are always looking for new methods to keeping their products cool. And, with motherboard partners helping enthusiasts overclock so easily today, companies like be quiet! have their work seriously cut out for them. Their previous Dark Rock Pro and Pro 2 CPU …

Zabius M Mobile Gaming Headset from GX Gaming Is a Mouthful for Your Ear


I hope this isn’t a disturbing new trend, but the product name for the new mobile headset from GX Gaming is quite lengthy for such a small product. The Zabius M Mobile Gaming Headset is the latest peripheral announced from the California-based gaming peripherals company and it comes with dual personalities.

These ear buds look to be targeted exclusively at …

NZXT H440 Gets Dolled Up with Special Edition Colors


One of the things we all want out of our PC cases is to stand out among the mass of black boxes, especially those who frequent LAN parties. NZXT has your answer with a splash of color on their fan favorite NZXT H440 PC case. Now, you can turn those heads at your next LAN party without days of tool …

Meet HEXA, the New Compact Performance Computer System from iBUYPOWER


I always like to see new announcements for compact computer systems. In this day and age, unless you are doing something involving graphics or large amounts of number crunching, a modern compact computer will fill most of your needs. They just keep getting smaller and more powerful too, as is the case with the HEXA. This new compact performance computer …