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CES 2014 – ROCCAT Goes All in for Las Vegas


CES 2014 is here and the trend this year seems to be “more is better”. Its great when your favorite company releases special edition versions of popular PC components or peripherals. Or when they finally update that awesome product you have been holding onto for years. They only thing better than that is when ROCCAT releases new versions of pretty …

GIGABYTE G1-Killer Sniper 5 Z87 Gaming Motherboard Reviewed

GIGABYTE G1 Killer Series Sniper 5 Motherboard Review 8

What makes a motherboard a gaming platform? Simply stated, it has to offer more than fancy colors, packaging, and clever marketing labels. The features and components should be designed to improve or create a better than standard gaming experience. For motherboards, this is a difficult challenge because it requires serious quality control to ensure proper implementation of gaming specific features …

The Mushkin Atom Disintegrates USB 3.0 Flash Drive Bulk


When you really need storage space or need universal transportation for it via SneakerNet, you reach for your tried and true USB flash drive. And if you want to get it off the drive fast, you put it on one of your normally larger USB 3.0 drives. But this isn’t always the best option for tablet use as the large …

NZXT H630 Silent Ultra Tower Gaming Chassis Reviewed


We will be the first ones to tell you, that if you can’t spend a lot of money on a build, you can cut corners on the case. There are just so many decent, feature rich cases in the budget price range, it’s really quite easy to save money here. The question then is what case do you buy when …