We’ve been along for the ride with Lian Li as they announce new desks that double as fully functional computer cases. Now what started as an annual pastime has become a yearly tradition, and we’re here with another desk/case announcement from the well known Taiwanese enclosure manufacturer. This one is a little different though. Lian Li has heard the call of the ergonomics expert and decided their new DK-04 desk should be height-adjustable, allowing you both stand and sit at it.


Now I haven’t quite jumped on the standing desk bandwagon, but I’ve heard both anecdotal accounts and expert testimonies as to their benefit. The Lian Li DK-04 claims to be the world’s first standing computer desk that can also contain a computer, and that’s a claim I struggle to refute. The desk has up to four different height settings that can be made automatically at the push of a button. They can range from 67.5cm to 116cm, making this a desk you can easily sit down at and stand up to in one session.

This is still a Lian Li product too, so it of course comes with all the features you’ve come to expect from the venerable case manufacturer. Front inputs include 4 USB 3.0 ports, HD audio, and a slot for an optional RGB controller and lighting kit. All drive mounting points are vibration-dampened, and much of the case is toolless and uses thumbscrews. Oh and this “case” supports very elaborate water cooling setups thanks to large number of 120mm fan mounting points.

The DK-04 will be available in May for $1499 USD. That looks like a big number, but take into account that height-adjustable desks alone can get into a four-figure price range. There’s a few more details in the provided press release, but Lian provided us with this nice preview video as well.


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World’s First Standing Computer Desk: Lian Li’s New DK-04

Designed for Enthusiasts – A Standing Desk for Work, A Sitting Desk for Play

April 20 2016, Keelung, Taiwan – Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd, today announces the DK-04 computer desk chassis: the first-ever standing computer desk. This chassis offers hardcore enthusiasts design improvements, better drive mounting, extensive water cooling support, and, most importantly: it stands!

The World’s First Standing Computer Desk Chassis

Standing desks aren’t just fashionable, they’re proven to be beneficial and healthy in multiple ways. Lian Li sought to design a new computer desk chassis in this spirit. Users can configure up to four different height settings, from 67.5cm to 116cm, for the desk to automatically adjust to at the press of a button. The DK-04 can serve as a standing desk for work and switch to a sit-down gaming desk in an instant!

Latest Vibration-Dampened Drive Storage and Inputs

With four stacking rubber-isolated drive racks, the DK-04 can mount a total of eight 2.5″ or 3.5″ drives with vibration dampeners. These racks are easy to install and remove via thumbscrews, and keep drives running quietly and reliably. This desk also includes a 5.25″ bay on the front panel for an ODD, fan controllers, or other extras. The front panel also includes four USB 3.0 ports, HD audio inputs, and slots for the RGB controller for the optional lighting kit.

Redesigned Ergonomics, Better Legroom

The DK-04 features a new design, sporting a slimmer frame that tapers towards the user for better leg room. As it’s a standing desk, the height can be fine-tuned to match each person; its legs are made from steel for structural strength – it can support loads up to 100kg.

Improved Water Cooling Support

Four 120mm fans intake cool air from the front of the chassis and vent through four additional exhaust fans mounted on the back panel. The DK-04 can also house very elaborate water cooling setups. The front intake fans can be swapped for a large 120mm x 480mm radiator; the rear fans can be replaced by two 120mm x 240mm radiators.

Updated Case Building Features

Along with Lian Li’s previous desks, the DK-04 uses a removable motherboard tray for easy, unhindered building. Inside the chassis, there are wide margins with anchored cable clips to simplify cable routing and organization. The internal compartment is spacious, bright, and visible. The DK-04 supports eight expansion slots and VGA cards up to 320mm in length. It supports full ATX and mATX motherboards and mounts CPU coolers up to 140mm in height and ATX PSUs up to 210mm long.

Price and Availability

The DK-04 will be available on May 10th for $1499.

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About Lian Li

Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd is an Aluminum Chassis and Chassis peripheral manufacturer and provider of industrial wholesale as well as OEM & ODM services for the PC industry as required. With over 20 years of service excellence, ISO 9001 certification and a team of professional staff willing to do the utmost to deliver durable, superior quality products, all backed by a 2 year guarantee*; your satisfaction is guaranteed (*conditions apply). To learn more about Lian Li, please visit their websites at www.Lian-Li.com.


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