Last week ANTEC stepped up to the plate with a Trio of great prizes we also had a bonus draw where we gave out a most excellent Logitech MX Revolution Notebook mouse.  With our WEEK TWO contest over, it’s time to move on to WEEK THREE of our Eight Crazy Weeks of Giveaways!

Week Three - October 29th - Sponsored By ThermalTake

Our friends at Thermaltake USA have stepped up with a couple of prizes from their catalog of quality and highly creative looking products. Let’s check’em out!

Thermaltake LANBOX VF1000BWS MicroATX Gaming Case

The LANBOX is one of few cases that is built specifically for building a higher end portable LAN gaming rig.  The case features a clear wide window, ample ventilation, and a handle for carrying the system from LAN Party to LAN Party.  More pics and specs are available right here.

Thermaltake ToughPower Cable Management 650 W SLI Ready Power Supply

Thermaltake’s power supplies are some of the best built and robust power supplies on the market.  This power supply features full SLI / Crossfire readiness coupled with a great modular cable management system. The 650 Watts of good power should keep your system running stable and well fed for years to come.  More pics and specs are available here.

Now the question is, how do I win this cool stuff this week?  Let’s find out!

How to Win…

Please keep the generals rules located in our Official Eight Weeks of Giveaways Contest Page in mind. We’ve noticed entries from outside North America who are not elligible for this contest spree.  Please keep in mind that we cannot get the prizes shipped to non-North American addresses. If you have a buddy that can take it, then you’re good to go. However, we will be looking into something for our International Readers later on this year so stay tuned.  But what do we have to do to win in WEEK THREE?  Read on!

Eight Crazy Weeks of Giveaways - Week THREE of EIGHT - Sponsored by Thermaltake 

Since it’s Halloween this week, we’ll call this “Futurelooks Computer Nightmares“.  Tell us a story about your scariest computer moment, where you thought “Oh Crap…”  Happy endings are optional.  Just create a thread in the Computer Colosseum with a catchy title and post the link in this weeks Official Week Three Contest Thread.

Bonus Draw: Due to the wild success of our Facebook Entries, we’re going to do a Facebook Bonus Draw this week.  Actually, I felt guilty about not getting the draw for Week Three Up on time so I figured more free stuff would smooth it over.  If you want to win our “Mystery Prize” this week, join our Facebook Group “Fans of Futurelooks” and upload a photo of one of your favourite tech toys.  It could be your computer, it could even be your game system of choice. The key here is that they be actual pictures of your stuff so grab your digital camera and go nuts!

Last week, we gave away a Logitech MX Revolution Notebook Mouse, so who knows what it’ll be this week.

So how does it all sound?  Pretty easy stuff huh?  Goodluck Everyone and thanks for all the great entries week after week.  Happy Halloween!

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