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CoolerMaster V8 Heatsink Box Shot

It’s no secret that the market is absolutely flooded with CPU coolers, from your water cooled varieties to your air cooled varieties. Some are good. Some are bad. But to the unwashed masses, they look pretty much all the same. Well, this is a heatsink that doesn’t look like the others. CoolerMaster’s V8 gives the CPU cooler a new burly persona. Resembling a big block V8 engine, does the CoolerMaster fire on all cylinders, or is it just all show? Let’s find out.

Features at a Glance

Under the hood, the CoolerMaster V8 sports some defining features which include…

  • Four sets of modular aluminum fins
  • Eight heatpipes
  • Mirror Finish Base
  • Precision Fan Controller

All these features add up to a heatsink that gives you up to 180 Watts of heat dissipation which is perfect for overclocking that stubborn Quad Core or simply adding stability in thermally challenged environments. Fine tuning of the fan from 800 to 1800 RPM is accomplished using an included fan controller that can be mounted using a PCI slot bracket. A machined mirror-finish copper base allows you to take full advantage of the heat transfer compound of your choice.

The CoolerMaster V8 fits all modern desktop CPU’s from INTEL and AMD and weighs over 1.91 lbs. For more detailed specs, head on over to the official product specifications.

What’s Inside The Box?

CoolerMaster V8 CPU Cooler Review

Inside the box, you get a whole bunch of stuff used to mount this beast to the motherboard and CPU of your choice. All of the contents were well packaged and came out easily from the well designed box. I’m pleased to see them dropping the whole white and purple motif and adopting a more masculine red and black color scheme. There’s nothing more masculine than a V8.

A tube of heatsink paste is provided for you so that you can apply it properly on your own. Gone are the days of pre-installed thermal paste, especially on high end heatsinks like this. The manual comes in pretty much all dominant languages spoken on the planet, though it makes heavy use of pictures versus verbal installation instructions. Everyone gets pictures and pictures are definitely more universal than funky “Engrish”.

 CoolerMaster V8 CPU Cooler Review

Finally, we lift the big bad CoolerMaster V8 from the plastic casing in the box. It just looks plain intimidating and rightfully so as it’s not tiny. In fact, most of the package was heatsink and its one of the larger boxes that I’ve come across. Let’s give it a good looking over and then setup for some performance testing.

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