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Windows 10 Ends Auto Update Restart Anger


Windows 8 isn't perfect, but it got better with Windows 8.1. It sure would be a lot more perfect if it supported only a limited amount of hardware, versus pretty much every piece of hardware, but it wouldn't be Windows. It wouldn't be the heart and soul of every PC DIY build where one wants the most choice in …

Apple OSX and Microsoft Internet Explorer Rank Number One in Vulnerability


Apple likes to be number one. Number one in profits, number one in sales, and now they are number one in the amount of vulnerabilities in both their desktop and mobile OS. I guess when they say that "Mac's don't get viruses" they might be sort of right. Instead, they might be easier to targets for hacks and exploits. Not …

Lenovo Throws the Superfish Adware Back


Even though someone, we don't know who, but someone had good intentions (maybe) at Lenovo, when they voluntarily installed Superfish Adware on new systems, it ultimately backfired on them. When we reported on this, Lenovo reps were still maintaining that the software was some sort of a feature that helped you find things in Google searches. But of course, …