Thermaltake Core V51 Computer Enclosure Reviewed
In terms of design, the Core V51 offers a clean well manufactured curved design. But it offers unmatched configuration potential. In this respect, Thermaltake has really made amazing strides in innovative design without draining your wallet.
  • Innovative liquid cooling support
  • High quality manufacturing
  • Modular storage bays
  • Front vent not easily removable
  • PSU needs a little more frame support
9Overall Score
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A Look Outside

The enclosure has very clean edges all around and a perfectly rounded mesh bezel. Users get the usual front panel plus USB 3.0 ports which are connected via a connector that fits the motherboard.

It’ll take a little dexterity, but behind the bezel users will find a fan filter of sorts as well as the two included 120mm Turbo fans. It’s too bad the filter can’t be easily removed. Fortunately, the bottom rear fan filter can be removed via a little tab. This will help keep the PSU cleaner.

Finally, the window is quite large. It’s very easy to see anything you install including any SSDs in the hard drive bays. It’s safe to say that enthusiasts like that kind of thing as of late.

A Look Inside

The internal chassis is jet black. All the large wire cutouts all have grommets. The motherboard CPU cooler cut out does not but is quite smoothly machined. The cages fit snug via thumb screws.

Users could mount a 240mm radiator even with the trays installed. You would have to remove them first, mount the radiator, and then remount them. However, the top 5.25″ have to be removed for a 360mm radiator which isn’t a problem these days. Keep in mind the radiator(s) have to have the standard thickness in this scenario.

If you have a slightly thicker 240mm radiator, you could remove the two bottom drive bays and use the 5.25″ for a couple storage. Alright, lets install and check out how the Thermaltake Core V51 supports a system.

Test System and Installation

Thermaltake Core V51 Enclosure 15

We’re using a rather toasty Intel system as usual to see how the Thermaltake Core V51 enclosure handles installation, thermal and noise control.

Despite using a rather large power supply, the ToughPower 1500 fit just fine. This means it will fit any unit on the market unless it’s a freak of engineering nature. However, there aren’t any grommets or feet inside to help support the unit. The hard drive trays can actually pop up with a bit of force. In this respect, system integrators may want to consider additional support. Finally, the large be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3 fit easily with space to spare.

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