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Griffin Technology Clarifi Case for the iPhone 3G


There is no denying that the iPhone 3G's camera is less than a stunner. It's even less thrilling when you're trying to take close up shots. That's why Griffin Technology went to work and created a case that not only protects the iPhone 3G, but also improves the function of the camera on the macro side. They call this product the Clarifi Case.


In addition to the macro slider lens, the Clarifi is also one of the easiest cases to put on and take off. In fact, you really don't have to take it off at all because the bottom of the case slides off allowing you to use any of your docking products without removing the entire case. They call this their "EasyDock" feature but I call it one of those "why didn't I think of that?" ideas.


Even with its easy slide on/slid off nature, the Clarifi does manage to provide precise cut outs for all the ports and buttons. A rubberized texture on the case also provides additional grip that is lacking from the bare iPhone 3G. Did I mention that it even comes with a screen protector and a premium cleaning cloth? Very nice!

The Griffin Technology Clarifi case retails for $34.95 US.

Griffin Technology Elan Form Chrome Case for the iPhone 3G


The Mophie Hard Case Plus was built to be very much like part of the iPhone with a very precise fit, but it still looked like a slab. So what Griffin Technology did was take their EasyDock technology which is also part of the Clarifi Case, and matched it up with some real leather and chrome accents. Together, this turns into the classy looking Elan Form Chrome case for the iPhone 3G.


The Elan Form Chrome takes a bit of the best of all the other cases in this round up so far. It has nice grip thanks to the leather, but doesn't suffer from the stuck to you feel like some of the silicon cases. It's easy to put on and take off which isn't really necessary because the EasyDock feature allows full access to its connector by simply sliding off the bottom piece.

Finally, the fit and finish and the chrome accents make it easily one of the most attractive cases in this round up. It really suits the iPhone 3G well and like the Clarifi, all the ports and buttons are totally unobstructed. It was also one of the cases that looks the least like crap after being out and about for a couple weeks. Leather just seems to get better the more you beat on it. Like the Clarifi, the plastic case provides some good impact resistance though you might not want to punt it like a football or drop it screen first onto something sharp.

To top things off, the Elan Form Chrome comes with a screen protector and a cleaning cloth and you can have all of this for $34.99 US. It isn't cheap, but so far, it's the only case in this round up that I wouldn't question the price of due to all the above factors.

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