Synology MR2200ac Mesh Router Review
  • Easy to use Synology Router Manager
  • Stand-alone or part of a Mesh Network
  • Good Wi-Fi Coverage
  • Single LAN port
  • Advanced network configuration through Desktop only
9.5Overall Score
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MR2200ac as a Mesh node

Synology MR2200ac - Bandwidth Test

While the laptop was associated with the RT2600ac, it was able to obtain 474 Mbps with 5 GHz.

Associating with the RT2600ac on 2.4 GHz and it was able to obtain 84 Mbps on the single channel.

Synology MR2200ac - Office Bandwidth Test

Next up is testing the MR2200ac that is in the back office. I ran the laptop from the same room the MR2200ac is in for both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz. Here the RT2600ac should not be in play as the data connection goes from Laptop to MR2200ac to the switch to Desktop. I could confirm this by checking Synology’s SRM and Wi-Fi Spot as it tells you which devices are connected to which wireless unit. The proximity of the laptop to the MR2200ac (less than 3 feet), can potentially overpower the Wi-Fi. It can cause bandwidth issues, but from the transfer speeds seen and being similar to that through the RT2600ac, it indicates everything is flowing smoothly.

Synology MR2200ac - Upstairs Bandwidth Test

That leaves the upstairs MR2200ac left to test. This MR2200ac is on the second floor above the RT2600ac and probably about 20 feet in front. I had to disconnect and reassociate a few times to ensure that the laptop was associated with the MR2200ac and not the RT2600ac downstairs. Again, I could check the Wi-Fi Spot on SRM to see which unit the laptop was associating. iPerf was able to obtain the same numbers as the other locations over and over again.

MR2000ac as a Router

When testing the MR2200ac as a stand-alone router, I set it up like any other router I have used. I placed the MR2200ac in a room relative to the centre of the room in which it would see use. I create a single Wi-Fi network and then put it through regular everyday use.

Synology MR2200ac Walk Around Data Rates

To see how well the MR2200ac could handle being a single router in the house, I walked around with the Wi-Fi HotSpot app and took data transfer measurements in the various rooms. Right in front, the iPhone was able to transfer up to 606.3 Mbps. As I walked around into and out of places, the data transfer, of course, would fluctuate. Overall, the transfer rates were what I would have expected, based on where I was to the MR2200ac. The variables include any building materials and structures between myself and the MR2200ac.

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