Synology has announced the Synology DS420j, the newest member of the “j” series Network Attached Storage or NAS products. The DS420j is a 4-bay desktop NAS for home users who wish to have an easy-to-use data backup, file sharing solution that creates your own personal and private cloud.

The update of the DS420j from the DS418j is primarily the CPU. It has gone from a Realtek RTD123 dual-core CPU to the newer Realtek RTD1296 quad-core CPU. With the ability to install up to 4 hard drives, you can have a central location and access to up to 64 TB of raw data. You can also make use of their Synology Surveillance Station that allows you to connect multiple IP Security cameras for monitoring.

Synology DS420j Network Attached Storage

I have had many people over the years ask me about Synology and what makes them a great solution. Their DiskStation (DS) units are easy to set up and deploy. Their included software (DiskStation Manager or DSM) allows people to make them very robust as well. You can use them as a dedicated data backup solution, or you can also turn them into a media server with software such as Plex. You can install other server applications like Git for source code control, or even a Mail Server! You can also access the files remotely with a desktop, phone or tablet, which is extremely handy when you are out on the road.

I use a Synology DiskStation that will backup mine and my wife’s cellular photos. The moment either of us enters the Wi-fi zone, an included app (DS Photo) will activate the backup and transfer the new pictures from the phones to the DS unit. It’s great! I can then access the images at a later time after I have deleted them from our phones.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use and easy-to-setup network attached storage solution, check out Synology and their DS420j.

For a comparison between the DS418j and DS420j head over to Synology’s website for the side-by-side.

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