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The Gamepad

The main bank of keys on the Saitek Cyborg Command Unit come arranged in a pattern similar to the WASD cluster on many standard keyboards. The WASD keys are of course highlighted, as they are the most commonly used keys for First Person Shooters. However each of the keys are numbered, and all the keys can be assigned to any function. This is where the pad starts to come in handy for those who enjoy Real-time Strategy games.

Next to the main bank of keys is an additional column of three keys. These are meant to emulate the Tab, Shift, and Ctrl keys in both FPS and RTS, and are also fully programmable.

The right of the Cyborg Command Unit is where things get a little more unconventional. Rather than normal keys, Saitek has used these contoured switches that are not unlike mouse buttons. This is where you would want to place your jump and possibly crouch commands in an FPS. As for the RTSers you get a POV hat trigger, which can be used to very quickly move about the map or battlefield. The angle of this set of keys, as well as it’s distance from the main game pad are all fully adjustable. All you need to do in undo the thumbscrew and adjust accordingly.

One lonely key sits on the wrist rest. This is an additional shift key, and can also be mapped to voice chat, a command menu, pr anything else. Next to it is the main red EL light strip.

On the top left of the Cyborg Command Unit is a three-way switch, labelled Mode. This switch is where the fun really begins. The “Mode” this switch is referring to is the mode of operation selected in the installed software. On the fly, you can select from one of three modes that control what each button does. This can be handy as you can setup different profiles for different genres, different games, or even different classes within a game.

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