On MEGATechNews a short while back, we featured a number of gamers with disabilities who are able to overcome their physical challenges to be some pretty epic gamers. Brolylegs plays with his face. Robert Florio has a special mouth and voice-operated controller. Now, Razer has launched a mini documentary series titled “Character Select.” The first episode features the story of “The Handless Gamer” Massimiliano Sechi.

Going by the handle MacsHG, Massimiliano Sechi was born without arms and he only has one leg and one foot. Even so, he has managed to become an incredibly talented and charismatic League of Legends player. You see, while Razer is responsible for all sorts of products — like the Razer Blade gaming laptop and the Razer Atrox arcade stick — most of these products are geared toward people who have full function of both their hands. MacsHG doesn’t, so he plays with his foot, reaching Diamond Rank in LoL.

That’s pretty amazing in my books.

The tale of the Handless Gamer is just the first installment of Razer’s new “Character Select” documentary series. In future episodes, Razer will continue to showcase “people whose love of gaming managed to transcend geographical borders and cultural barriers and influence global culture.”

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