Many gamers are familiar with monitoring the performance of their PC. After all, you don’t want your hardware choking in the middle of a heated battle, or to drop connection on approach to that critical co-op point with your buddies. What about monitoring your body? Gaming does affect your body physically, and not just the numbness in your butt from sitting too long (seriously though, make sure to get up and walk around regularly). Well, MionixLabs announced a very interesting product to cover this oft neglected aspect of gaming, and they’re crowdsourcing the funding on Kickstarter.

The NAOS Quantified Gaming Mouse from MionixLabs is touted as a way “enable you to become a better gamer.” This is going to be achieved through sensors on the mouse that measure and track your heart rate, galvanic skin response, and actions per minute. This data is then presented in an overlay on your screen, as easily readable as the FPS and CPU usage stats for your gaming system.

What does MionixLabs hope to achieve with making this data available? Much like what is available to mainstream athletes, they are hoping to provide professional gamers with a whole picture look at their performance. This is just the first step though, and MionixLabs is working on creating a Quantified Gaming community, where players “can share applications and data to give gaming a long awaited new impulse.”

You can head over to the MionixLabs Quantified Gaming Kickstarter page for more info.

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