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Final Thoughts and Conclusions

You have to approach Lips with the right set of expectations. If you’re hoping for a similar experience as Guitar Hero or Rock Band, you’re going to be incredibly disappointed. You’re not going to find anything that remotely resembles a career mode and you’re not going to find anything that really gives you any sense of accomplishment or progress. There’s nothing to unlock, nothing to earn (other than Gamerscore points).

Lips for Xbox 360 Review

However, if you are looking for a simple party game that anyone can pick up and play, you may find some value with Lips. The track list is incredibly varied and using the Jukebox mode keeps the songs flowing without too many intermissions. This game is meant to be played at parties, just like SingStar and Karaoke Revolution… except there is no real grading and you can’t fail. It’s about having fun.

For me, a few simple changes would have made all the difference in the world. For starters, the track list is extremely limited by today’s standards. I’d hate to bring them up again, but Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour both come with many more songs than this offering and they have to take care of three additional instruments to boot. Since you only have to sing, Microsoft Game Studios and iNiS could have easily included an extra 20 or 30 songs.

Lips for Xbox 360 Review

Further still, the track list is a little too eclectic, showing that Lips wants to be all things to all people. The result is that it’s kind of lacklustre for everybody. Maybe Lips is meant to introduce a new franchise and that’s why it’s all over the map. Maybe in the future, they’ll have Lips 80s Edition, Lips Hip Hop Edition, and Lips Pop Stars as separate titles. That would be much more effective, especially if they keep the prices reasonable.


  • Motion-sensitive wireless microphones are neat
  • Easy pick-up-and-play gameplay
  • Super eclectic track list offers something for everyone
  • Authentic original music videos


  • Absolutely no career mode of any kind
  • No real sense of accomplishment
  • Limited number of songs available on disc
  • Song import feature is totally bunk
  • Some “Star Scream” motions are ambiguous

Overall Rating: 6.5/10.0

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