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First Impressions

As a full tower chassis, the black definitely has a slimming effect. It’s a big case, but it doesn’t look all that huge. However, you do feel the 29.1 lbs when you pick it up.


The front panel is mounted to the top of the case and features four USB 2.0 ports, a firewire port, eSATA and your standard microphone and headphones jacks: all of which are shielded to prevent interference from internal components. To the far right are your power and hard drive activity indicators, both of which glow blue. I would have preferred red and green so that you could tell them apart a bit better from a distance. The panel is finished off with a brushed aluminum faceplate.


Directly to the top of that is a small tray that you can use to toss your loose change, cellphone or keys into. Heck, you could even put a coffee mug here, but just don’t knock it over. This is similar to the made famous on the Antec Twelve Hundred. Near the front of it are your main power (larger rectangular button) and your reset switch (smaller circular button). They aren’t easily pushed by accident because they require quite a bit of travel before being activated.


The rubber flap covers up a fill hole for an optional water cooling system. This allows you top top up easily without ever having to open up your case.


On the sidepanel, you can get a closer look at the swiss cheesing that is used throughout the case. Mounted to the sidepanel is one of three 230mm fans. You do have the option of replacing the single fan with four 120mm units. Above the fan is a clear panel that is etched with a cross pattern and allows you a glimpse of the stuff inside.


The back of the case gives you a look at one of the unique features of HAF932: dual power supply mounting options. The top plate has fittings for a water cooling solution, but it can be removed to allow the mounting of a power supply instead. You can also see the 140mm fan, which can be replaced with a more common 120mm fan if you so choose.

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