Cooler Master is one of the top brands for PC cases because they continue to offer great options to customers. This year they are bringing us a new compact series of cases designed with liquid cooling systems in mind. There are no fancy naming schemes here as they are simply known as the N Series.

The Cooler Master N200, N400, and N600 will each support a radiator or two up to 240mm in length. The latter two cases will actually support a 240 mm radiator installation on the right side panel. This allows the rest of the case to remain spacious for other components such as larger graphics cards (up to 16.9 in. in the N600 and 12.4 in. in the N400). Not to be left behind, the N200 is designed to supports a 240 mm radiator in the full mesh front panel. This is in addition to space for a 14 in. graphics card and up to 5 other fans while maintaining its mini tower size.


The Cooler Master N series also supports all the other options you want such as USB 3.0, space for several optical drives, storage drives, and wire management. The N series should be hitting retail soon with a US MSRP of $49.99, $59.99, and $79.99 respectively.

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Cooler Master N-series: More Options. More Expandability.

May 7th, 2013 – Cooler Master, a designer, manufacturer, and innovator of leading PC components, today announced three new additions to the N series, a new series of compact and fully featured cases. The N series improves upon traditional mainstream chassis by offering future proof value. The N200/N400/N600 add liquid cooling support at even the mini tower level to make it easier to access and use for all.

Industrial. Effortless. Future-ready.

With the addition of the N200/N400/N600 series cases, the N Series stands apart from the competition. It does so with a full array of exciting options that have been designed specifically with cooling performance in mind, especially liquid cooling. Its full mesh front panels and well-ventilated layout provide for a more abundant flow of air throughout the case. Fully embracing liquid cooling, N200/N400/N600 each support liquid cooling radiators up to 240 mm.

N200 is cleverly designed to accommodate a 240 mm radiator in the front of the chassis while still offering support for up to 5 fans and long graphics cards up to 355 mm / 14 in.

N400 / N600 both have well-placed support for a 240 mm radiator on the right-side of the case. Ensuring that no component will go without much-needed airflow, N400 supports up to 8 fans while the N600 supports up to 10 fans. Both support long graphics cards (N400 – 320 mm / 12.6 in, N600 – 430 mm / 16.9 in)

Ready for High-End Setups

Although designed to be compact, N200/N400/N600 each leave plenty of space to install extra long graphics cards, several optical drives, HDDs and SSDs, and still have space to route and hide cables. Between the cases are offered a multitude of options for internal configurations of fans, hard drives, SSDs, and USB 3.0* support. You need only look within the full line of N Series cases to find a case that far exceeds many build needs while offering high value for performance.

N200/N400/N600 are available now. Price and availability may vary by region. Full product details can be found at: N Series


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