ROCCAT, new arrival here in the US, comes to Computex 2013 with the mission of turning everyone’s head with their inventive ideas and new hardware. And I am behind this whole heartedly because that is exactly what you do at tech events like this. You bring some hardware you previously announced like the ROCCAT Ryos MK, expand on an old favorite, and then you drop the bomb on them.

ROCCAT brings a lot to the table at Computex 2013 starting with the Ryos series keyboards and the Kone Pure Optical mice. The award-winning Kone series adds the Pure Optical technology using a 4000 DPI optical sensor, 32-bit processor, and tracking/distance control unit. The ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro should need no introduction as it has the cheesiest yet most awesome trailer of any peripheral I have ever seen here.

With new hardware like the Ryos MK series being near ready, this is a great time for consumers, especially heading into LAN party season. Expanding your market to a new arena also great for ROCCAT and the Kone XTD will now have full compatibility with MAC OSX, bringing MAC gamers the advantages of ROCCAT Talk and Easy-Shift[+] that PC gamers have enjoyed for a while now.


The bomb ROCCAT dropped at Computex 2013 is the announcement of the Power-Grid, which was briefly demo’d in private at their suite at CES 2013. The ROCCAT Power-Grid is a fully customizable app for smartphones that allows you to add it to your PC as an extension. It can be used as anything from quick keys in your favorite game (complete with custom icons) to a simple calculator. You need a remote for your PC, wireless control for VLC, quick keys for Skyrim, or just want a cool digital system monitor then Power-Grid has you covered. And if you don’t like the presets, you can create your own.

ROCCAT is clearly looking to please its customers with new features they asked for and expand in new and interesting ways. I personal like the look of their products and want to get my hands on them to see if they are as great as they look. I am sure many of you will want to do the same.

Full press release and some drool worthy photos are posted below.

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ROCCAT™ Continues to Push PC Gaming Boundaries at Computex

– Introducing the Kone Pure Optical

– ROCCAT ™ Ryos series close to release

– Power-Grid™ release candidate available

– First ROCCAT devices with Mac OS driver

– Company is expanding its international business

June 3rd 2013 – ROCCAT Studios, the German manufacturer of high-end gaming peripherals, is attending Computex 2013 in Taiwan, bringing with it news of major new product releases and an extended international business plan. At the event taking place in Taipei between June 4 – 8, ROCCAT will introduce an optical version of the multi-award-winning Kone Pure – the Kone Pure Optical Core Performance Gaming Mouse. Also being showcased at Computex is an enhanced demonstration of the eagerly anticipated Ryos MK Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard With Per-key Illumination. The full capabilities of the keyboard’s unique, configurable lighting system will be revealed. The release candidate for the acclaimed Power-Grid™ smartphone app will also be unveiled at the event. The app has been undergoing closed beta testing since early April.

ROCCAT Founder and CEO René Korte: “With ROCCAT’s second-biggest office worldwide located in Taipei, Computex is like a second home for us, and it’s a pleasure to combine business with meeting our friends and colleagues. ROCCAT is growing rapidly and we have ambitious goals. Working in our favor is the fact that we have innovative ideas, exciting products and highly motivated staff, and that’s why I’m confident that we will achieve our goals sooner rather than later.”

ROCCAT is also moving forward in the Mac OS gaming scene, with the driver for the popular Kone XTD mouse being introduced for the platform. The growing number of people playing on Mac OS is now able to take advantage of ROCCAT innovations such as Easy-Shift[+]™, ROCCAT Talk® and numerous other customization possibilities. Mac OS driver software for more ROCCAT peripherals will follow on an incremental basis.

In light of the continuously expanding product portfolio, ROCCAT has recently hired staff in a bid to strengthen its market position in Brazil, Russia, and the Asia-Pacific region.


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