The 2008 Futurelooks iPod Accessory Mini Round Up

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The 2008 Futurelooks iPod Accessory Mini Round Up

Go ahead. Walk into an Apple Store. Take a stroll through Best Buy. Heck, even take a wander though the aisles at London Drugs if you're in Western Canada. It doesn't seem to matter where you go these days, because you will inevitably be bombarded with a never-ending supply of accessories for the iPod family of portable music players. Some of these accessories are more useful than others, and even when you narrow it down to a single genre of iPod accessories, the options are plentiful.

To help you better understand the world of iPod accessories, we here at Futurelooks have compiled a collection of goodies that just may suit your needs. Or they might not. Whether you're looking for some protection or a way to share your tunes, though, we've got a little doo-hickey for you to consider. Check them out.

Griffin FlexScreen All-Over Protection for iPod nano

The 2008 Futurelooks iPod Accessory Mini Round Up

Also available for other iPods, the Griffin FlexScreen provides all over protection for your portable multimedia player. This particular version, for the third-generation iPod nano, is actually comprised of two parts. The first component is a simple resilient silicone case. It's not exactly clear; it's more of a translucent white. The silicone case has a bumpy texture on the back to provide extra grip, whereas the front side has the display and click wheel portions cut out for optimal usability.

The 2008 Futurelooks iPod Accessory Mini Round Up

The other half of the FlexScreen equation is a durable, crystal-clear polycarbonate protector. This is there to protect the color display on your iPod, snuggly fitting in place on top of the silicone case. If the polycarbonate protector was pre-installed on the silicone case, you would not be able to stretch it quite as easily to fit over your nano. Retail price is $14.99.

Griffin PowerDock Charging Base

The 2008 Futurelooks iPod Accessory Mini Round Up

You may have noticed that when you bought your Apple iPod that it did not come with a traditional AC wall charger. Instead, the only way that you can charge that music player is through a standard USB connection. Unless you're a total geek like me, there's a good chance that you don't have your computer on all day. Even if you do, it can be a pain if you hook up your iPod to a computer with which it has not been paired.

The 2008 Futurelooks iPod Accessory Mini Round Up

The Griffin PowerDock alleviates this issue by providing a charging station for your iPod. Well, that's not completely true. The version that we have featured here is the dual charging dock, providing you with two slots for charging two iPods at the same time. An assortment of inserts are included to fit a wide range of iPods. From there, all you have to do is plug the PowerDock into a wall outlet. This way, you can make sure that your iPod is always charged up. The version with two docking slots retails for $49.99, whereas the version with four docking slots comes in at $69.99.

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