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The Testing

Products like this require the most gruelling of testing. One must play a large array of games for a couple evenings to really get a feel for the controller, and see how well it reacts in a given situation. This type of work truly separates the boys from the men. Anyhow to test the Saitek Cyborg Command Unit I played through a few hours of Team Fortress 2, a few more hours of Call of Duty 4, and a light sprinkling of Supreme Commander and Company of Heroes. Here’s the rig used for all this heavy gaming.

When it came to fit, the Cyborg Command Unit fit my large hand rather well. The adjustable thumb controls were a nice touch, and allowed me to find the most comfortable position for my jump and crouch functions. Obviously this game pad isn’t ambidextrous; it’s designed solely with the left hand in mind. I have heard of some users using Cyborg Command Unit in their right hand, which seems like it would be remarkably uncomfortable. Overall it’s meant for the left hand, and is fairly comfortable there.

Since I’m an FPS gamer, I of course gravitated to the FPS titles for my first tests. To be honest they usually are the games that will make or break any “gamer” peripheral. Within 30 minutes of starting a game, I can tell how good or bad a controller will be. I’m happy to say that the Saitek Cyborg Command Unit performed rather well. The tactile feedback from the keys was quite good, and on par with what I’ve come to expect from Saitek. The keys are soft and don’t have any clicking sound or action, which some may find un-nerving. Also the learning curve on the game pad is a little tough. But once you get the hang of it, it easily takes the place of your normal keyboard.

As for the customization, it was a very welcome feature in Team Fortress 2. I could setup key layouts for my three most played classes, and really take care of business. Unfortunately as I had mentioned before, upon rebooting the computer I did have to reload these profiles before launching the game.

Turing to RTS games, I found the Cyborg Command Unit almost as useful. The hat trigger was a godsend for moving about the map in a quick and efficient manner. The default keys covered a slim majority of the standard options in both Supreme Commander and Company of Heroes. This is where the customization was a nice addition. I could switch between profiles for SupCom and CoH quite easily. Once the profiles were tweaked to my liking, they were easily saved and reloaded later.

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