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Frag You…Frag Me…

It’s clear that TUROK was built to offer players a strong cinematic experience with a deep plot and storyline without being overbearing. One of the things that the team worked hard as well was the multi-player experience. Combined with the easy to learn controls from the single player game, the multi-player game is just as fun, if not more fun. A costume change does give the players an “Ala Crysis” look but I was assured by the developers that stuff like that happens all the time where you get an idea, implement it, then see someone else doing the same thing, or something similar. I guess Nano Suits are the hot fashion accessory for FPS shooters this year.

The experience also combines elements from the single player experience like the dinosaurs, which you can lure into becoming your allies and sicking them on your unfortunate buddies. Gruesome cinematic stealth knife kills as well as the bow and arrow are also great in the multi-player, to create a highly entertaining experience. Up to 16 players can go stealth kill crazy in online play, but unfortunately, there is no co-op or multiplayer action in split screen mode at home. Oh well…


Even though I was getting pwned on a regular basis by the Propaganda Games team and the other players due to my Rock Band Hiatus, I really did enjoy the in-game experience both multi-player and on the single player missions. The options to go stealth or guns a blazing along with an AI that actually reacts to you, instead of milling around and talking about the weather, gives the game a unique spin on the gameplay experience. The enemies will flush you out if you’re hiding and the dinosaurs like meat…any meat…even enemy meat.

The Bottom Line on Turok…

I have to admit, Turok might finally break me out of my no FPS shooter funk. The game really is a lot of fun in both multi-player and single player. The ability to go stealth or guns go wild adds a different flavour to the gameplay while the unique AI gives a new challenge as well as new opportunities for completing the missions. But most importantly, the dinosaurs are back, and they are bigger and badder than ever, plus you can make them your allies by getting them to eat your enemies or you can blow them up yourself.

On the weapons side, I’ve never seen a game that makes the knife such a kick ass weapon. I mean, usually in any other game, getting the knife means you’re screwed or out of ammo. You also get to see your enemies (even dinos) sliced and filletted in a few different ways thanks to the cool knife kill cinematics. The bow and arrow, along with the knife, makes this game too perfect for a Rambo shooter. The question is, how long will it take for dinos, knives, and bow and arrows to get old. I guess I’ll have to go back to finding out!

TUROK is currently available for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and should be available in stores right now. PC Gamers will be able to join in on the dinosaur hunt this Spring as they are already working on the console to PC port. For more information on this game, check out the official website. For more pictures from our tour, check out our Propaganda Games Turok Pre-Launch Tour Photo Gallery.

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