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Overclocking In the Desert…

GIGABYTE is big into overclocking and their boards are definitely engineered to handle it. This year GIGABYTE went to a new production process called Ultra Durable 3 which in addition to more durable surface components, it introduces a PCB layer process that increases copper content from 1 oz to 2 oz, leading to a more robust platform for your PC. This process will be part of their new INTEL and AMD boards and what better way to test it than to overclock the snot out of it in the middle of the Las Vegas Desert.


GIGABYTE partnered up with overclocking forum to take the new AMD Phenom II CPUs to the limit on their new Ultra Durable 3 Classic AMD boards. 


In between the BBQ and beers, it looked like everyone had a great time doing everything from Air Cooling to Liquid Nitrogen Cooling on these durable boards. GIGABYTE is fully committed to the overclocking community and it shows in their support of these events and their product line. More pictures of the event can be found here.


According to Gary Tam, Senior Technical Product Manager with GIGABYTE “By doubling the copper layers to 2 ounces for both power and ground layers, Ultra DurableTM 3 motherboards improve power efficiency by reducing circuit impedance by as much 50% and allowing more bandwidth for electron passage, delivering dramatically lower system temperatures and enhancing stability for overclocking. With GIGABYTE Ultra DurableTM 3 Technology, ordinary endusers are able to set world records by pushing memory DDR2 beyond 1800MHz without increasing much voltage.” Definitely some great news for enthusiasts wondering if that upgrade is worth it.

GIGABYTE: 2009 and Beyond

It is clear that GIGABYTE understands the need to build a community behind their products which is the reason why they put so much effort in making CES 2009 a memorable show. More importantly, they know that they need to stay true to that community by continuing to build it and nurture it. Even more so, they understand that products need to be tailored to each market. What works in Taiwan doesn’t always work in North America. 

I knew they really got it when Tony Liao, Vice President at GIGABYTE North America said “GIGABYTE has a very positive outlook for the year 2009 based on its strong product positioning in terms of innovation, performance and quality with the focus on GIGABYTE Ultra DurableTM 3 Technology in the market and will continue to engineer products tailored to each market segment.” GIGABYTE has also recognized the growing demand for Netbooks and skipped right to the tablet version for North America in their M912 Cafe Book; a product that has been sold out since it was announced late last year.

This tailoring of their products to specific markets and their leadership in technology that appeals to both enthusiasts, gamers and regular users alike will allow them to weather this storm that the North American market is currently going through. Loyal users that they’ve cultivated through their community building efforts will only solidify that positive outlook and I can only see GIGABYTE not only weathering, but thriving in this storm.

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