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Lynnfield and P55 Tuned for Windows 7


There are some new features with P55 that you’ll find helpful. First, the P55 platform has been put through rigorous testing and is fully supported by Microsoft Windows 7. Everything has been tested and validated under the new operating system so come October 22, 2009, you won’t have any issues when you make that jump to the OS that Vista should have been. This also means that more than likely, Vista loyalists should also enjoy the same compatibility out of the box.

While overclocking has been far from poor when it comes to Nehalem and the X58 Chipset, it’s the Triple Channel memory controller that limits the level of CPU and memory overclocking that many enthusiast have grown to enjoy. Lynnfield’s Dual Channel interface allows the P55 platform to really push the limits. Rumors from various forums have claimed that it should smash through the 2133 MHz DDR3 barrier. That means Lynnfield would need some much higher CPU Bus, or Bclk, frequencies! Even more impressive is that all these feats have been produced under some form of Windows 7.

OK, We’ll Give You One Racing Benchmark

Although we can’t post real benchmarks due to the phone book thick NDAs we signed, here’s a quick visual for those that like charts…


Could this be a hint to any expectations? Like you, we really enjoy seeing sneak peaks at performance, but the force is very strong with the Intel PR manager.

All we can say is given Intel’s track record since Conroe, this may be an excellent if not the perfect future choice for gamers especially when coupled with any of the boards in GIGABYTE’s P55 collection. Improvements in the new core offers plenty of performance that we think you’ll be happy with when you purchase your next system. Plus, any money saved means one can purchase a more capable video card or possibly an extra one.

Rest assured, we will be presenting more charts come September 8, 2009 when Core i5 officially launches!

Another Excellent GIGABYTE Launch Party


Well, there you have a preview of the impressive, new P55 Motherboard line up from GIGABYTE. There’s a lot of excitement behind the series and how it will help take Lynnfield to another level of performance. Hopefully we helped put things in better perspective as we near its release. We really are just excited as you are!

We will be back again soon with performance round ups using any and everything Lynnfield we can get our hands on. In the meantime, feel free to stop by our Forums or IRC Channel if you have some questions or to let us know if we may have missed answering in this bit of coverage.

We would very much like to thank everyone at GIGABYTE, from the staff to the engineers, for the opportunity to attend the launch party. We understand how much work goes in to setting up these events and we really appreciate their efforts. GG!

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