One of the major features Microsoft highlighted when they released Windows 8 was the touch integration. And it would have been great if touch-screen monitors at the time were not in the $500+ range for even smaller 20″ monitors. While the pricing has improved, quality Windows 8 touch-screen monitors are still well out of reach of most reasonable budgets. However, Dell’s new E2014T (19.5 inch), P2314T (23 inch), and P2714T (27 inch) touch-screen monitors seem to bring quality, versatility, and reasonable price together.

The E2014T looks like a standard monitor on the outside but there is far more below the surface. This 1600 x 900, 6 camera infrared optical touch-screen capable of 5 point touch response will give you access to the touch features in Windows 8 without breaking the bank. It also comes with VGA, DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI (MHL) connectivity the latter of which will allow direct display of content from tablets and smartphones.

The P2314T and P2714T improves on the same set of advanced options as the E2014T. Both are 1920 x 1080 displays, but now with 10 point touch response thanks to the Projective Capacitive system. These bigger and better Dell Touch Monitors also use a unique stand for extreme monitor angle changes. This is a great feature when you are sharing the display or need a flatter surface to work on.

The E2014T, P2314T and P2714T come in with an MSRP of $249.99, $449.99 and $699.99 respectively. While those are good prices, the actual prices are even better with the 27″ monitor selling for as low as $619.99, 23″ monitor as low as $399.99, and the 20″ monitor at $229.99 direct from Dell. This could be your chance to unlock those extra features that Windows 8 has to offer that you don’t get with traditional mouse and keyboard controls.

More information in the press release below.

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New Dell Monitors Bring Touch Experience Within Reach

  • Dell Touch Monitors offer engaging touch experience at a great value
  • New Dell 20 Touch Monitor, Dell 23 Touch Monitor and Dell 27 Touch Monitor offer natural and intuitive multi-touch capabilities coupled with HD resolution
  • These touch monitors offer extensive connectivity with MHL, DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA and USB ports

Aug. 29, 2013 – Dell today introduced a boldly re-imagined monitor experience with the launch of its Dell 20 Touch Monitor (E2014T), Dell 23 Touch Monitor (P2314T) and Dell 27 Touch Monitor (P2714T). Offering a wide range of features and great price points, Dell’s new monitors bring the touch experience to a broad selection of users. The Dell 20 Touch Monitor, Dell 23 Touch Monitor, and Dell 27 Touch Monitor enable users to enjoy intuitive interaction with content onscreen by tapping, sliding, swiping, turning, pinching and stretching with their fingers.

MHL connectivity allows users to easily display content from smartphones and tablets directly onscreen. From the engaging touch experience to seamless connectivity, these new Dell touch monitors provide exceptional reliability with excellent screen performance.

Bringing touch within reach: Dell 20 Touch Monitor (E2014T)

With the Dell 20 Touch Monitor, users can enjoy a touch monitor experience at a great new price of $249.99 CDN. Sharp, fluid visuals with 1600 x 900 HD resolution on its 19.5-inch screen, a fast 2 milliseconds response time, and a high dynamic contrast ratio of 8 million:1 mean families can appreciate a great screen experience that is affordable, reliable and just right for watching videos and movies.

Featuring extensive connectivity, the E2014T touch monitor comes with a wide range of connector ports such as MHL, DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA and USB. This allows direct display of content from your smartphone or tablet on the larger touch screen via MHL, and also enables connectivity to a variety of peripherals for a versatile, integrated home or work environment.

Boldly re-imagined: Dell 23 Touch Monitor (P2314T) and Dell 27 Touch Monitor (P2714T)

The Dell P2314T and P2714T 23-inch and 27-inch Touch monitors give users an intuitive 10-point touch experience when using Windows 8. Users will enjoy vividly clear images on either a 23-inch (P2314T) or 27-inch (P2714T) screen with Full HD resolution and 8 million:1 dynamic contrast ratio. An ultra-wide 178-degree vertical by 178-degree horizontal viewing angle allows the same superb visual experience from virtually any angle. Users can enjoy the ultimate touch experience with the touch monitors’ fine craftsmanship and sleek, flush edge-to-edge glass.

A unique adjustable stand promotes comfort and convenience. Users can naturally slide the monitor closer and tilt it up to 60 degrees to touch and type, or adapt to the requirements of their work space by choosing to wall mount the monitors or affix to the Dell Single Monitor Arm for greater panel adjustability. And just like the E2014T, these 23-inch and 27-inch touch monitors feature extensive connectivity options.

Availability and Pricing

The E2014T is now available in Canada starting at $249.99 CDN. The P2714T and P2314T touch monitors are now available in Canada starting at $699.99 CDN and $449.99 CDN, respectively.


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