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Tuniq 3

With the new season starting it is time for some houskeeping which includes giving my computer a cleaning and maybe a new and unique case with perhaps a new feature or two that my previous cases didn’t have. I normally try to look for a design that not only shows off the insides of my computer, but also gives that “Wow” look from passerbys. Recently, I received a new case to review from a company called Sunbeamtech. This new case known as the Tuniq 3 has elements of uniquness, style, and a bit of that “Wow” factor and more.

The main feature that is unique to the Tuniq 3 is the Core-Fan Bracket, a unique internal air traffic controller that allows direct cooling of different areas of the case. In addition, the case sports clean and a rather slick styling. Another feature that the Tuniq 3 seems to boast is the blingy lighting factor. It features fans with LEDs to help illuminate the insides while 2 CCFL (cold-cathode florescent lights) help light up the base around the case giving it a sort of floating effect. But will the execution of these features really allow the Tuniq 3 to stand out? I guess we’ll find out.


Tuniq 3 Specifications


The Tuniq 3 from Sunbeamtech definitely isn’t shy in boasting an array of added features which people tend to look at when purchasing a new computer case. With easy access I/O Ports, lighting for inside and outside of the case, customizable internal cooling and more, this case is already fairly featured packed:

  • USB & Audio Ports on side of front panel
  • Adjustable 3D Core-Fan Bracket
  • Ultra Silent, 1000 RPM 16dB Fans (x3)
  • CCFL Case Feet
  • Aluminum Front Panel
  • Tool Free Installation
  • Acrylic side Window (optional)

I am looking forward to seeing how the features of the Tuniq 3 case hold up to my reviewing eyes and if the Tuniq 3 will be a keeper for the long term.

Case Exterior

The Tuniq 3 is primarily made out of steel and seems to have a hefty weight to it (approximately 25 lbs) which to date is probably one of the heaviest cases I have come across for a mid-sized tower. The colour schemes that are available for the Tuniq 3 are black (as tested), silver and a black/sliver. This particular case also came with an acrylic side window which is normally an option. The acrylic window is vented for the CPU and video card area. I always thought this took away from the overall look of the window but does play its part in cooling which is very important for the health of your components inside.

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